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Lighthouse - November, 2018.

Chairman’s Message

As usual October is a vibrant month for the CSS Sales because it is when they specifically focus on their internal preparations, for the forthcoming Strategy Meet. The last 22 years have seen similar processes and preparations but, as always, our people display an enthusiastic spirit in their planning and actions. Consequently, the time of the year has arrived for all of us, at CSS, to sit together and review what we have achieved through our previous strategy and formulate new key plans to move ahead.

By carefully analysing the current business climate there is reason to be optimistic because there are some welcome upbeat indicators. The world business scenario is progressing in a way that justifies our confidence for the months ahead. To take advantage of these positive changes, we need to better equip ourselves with invigorated stratagems and programmes. It’s almost needless to say, that our annual Strategy Meet has always played a pivotal role in formulating novel and ingenious ideas for action. Once again, I encourage, and anticipate, innovative concepts and proposals being originated within our discussion at the Strategy meet.

Looking more immediately to the future, it’s indeed a pleasure to be able to announce that CSS operations will be commencing soon from Colombo in Sri Lanka. Expanding our services, and as a consequence our horizons, are events which make aspirations come true. By sailing forward, in such a manner, we are expanding our horizons in a way which will turn our corporate dreams into reality. Our future is looking bright.

Uncompromised Professionalism


The joint venture initiative of CSS Group and Kingston Holdings, CSS Kingston Logistics is sailing through its third year of operations successfully. With its strategic positioning inside the SAIF zone, CSS Kingston Logistics FZC (CKL), has got a significant role when it comes to service catering to the Northern Emirates region.

Initial focal area of CKL was Storage and warehousing within the SAIF Zone, however the company has grown to become the only authorised 3PL service provider today in the whole free zone area, with 110,000 Sq. ft racked facility. The racked space and infrastructure also comprise of a temperature-controlled area of 37,000 Sq. ft as well which is in high demand when it comes to storage of perishable items, furniture and other general commodities.

Catering to the Northern Emirates has never been so easy for CSS Group, till they had CSS Kingston in the right place. The fully integrated Supply chain processes, reverse logistics and the 3PL facilities within the system is controlled by highly experienced hands to ensure zero chaos. More than 15,000 CBM of cargo storage can easily be managed within the racked facilities of CKL.

“We know that the heart and soul of a successful business is a well-designed supply chain. The efficiency of product fulfilment throughout the shipping process is what drives revenue and increases your bottom line. Hence, we are committed to provide the highest quality 3PL services to our customers always” mentioned Thomas Mathew, Branch Manager, CKL.

Projects and over dimensional cargo go to the CKL open yard, a sprawling 45,000 Sq. ft, interlocked facility within the SAIF Zone. Well defined processes and infallible security system ensures a safe storage of your cargo here. The documentation division of CKL can manage Customs clearance in SAIF zone, Sharjah Aviation Services (SAS), Khorfakkan, Sharjah ICD, Sharjah Port (Khalid Port), thereby providing an enjoyable end- to end service to their clients. The well reputed names in the list of clients of CSS Kingston Logistics is an endorsement to their uncompromised professionalism in the area which they operate.

Onboard CMA CGM Kerguelen


What do we know about a cargo vessel?
We have only seen them sailing in the far away horizons. Some of us had seen the containers being loaded onboard the vessel. Anything more?? There ends the experience of most of us.

CSS COO for NVOCC, Chandrakala (CK) and Manager, Special Projects, Anitha Jaikrishnan got lucky recently with a unique Cargo vessel visit experience. That too to a prestigious vessel like CMA CGM Kerguelen, one of the biggest amongst the CMA fleet. This unique visit happened when CMA CGM invited both of them to visit their vessel, as part of celebrating the 40th anniversary of the company.

CK mentioned it as one of the greatest opportunities she got in her career recently. She continued that in order to maintain a solid understanding of the Cargo vessel and the staff on board, it is necessary that we must visit them at their place and understand the operations and its challenges. Anitha was also in the affirmative. The visit unveiled the opportunity to watch and understand the cargo vessel operation more closely. They met the Captain and other crew members, who described the container movements they manage.

CMA CGM Kerguelen is amongst the largest container ships in the world and has overall length of 398 m (1,306 ft), moulded beam of 54 m (177 ft) and maximum draft of 16.0 m (52.5 ft). The cargo ship has deadweight of 185,000 DWT and gross tonnage of 175,000 GRT with capacity for 17,722 TEU.

CMA CGM is celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2018 for which a logo has also been released. CSS Group relationship with CMA is an evolving one and has seen an exponential growth in the last 4 years. During this special occasion, CSS Group congratulates CMA CGM family for their anniversary and wish them all success in the future.

Jebel Ali to Jakarta


Projects team at CSS Dubai headed by Sreenath, VP Projects handled movement of Winder Machine and Equipment for Treating Materials, recently. The details of the project move were shared with Lighthouse by the Team leader. The cargo was moved from Jebel Ali to Jakarta with much preparations in hand for a hassle-free job completion. The cargo volume totalled 1400 FT with SOC, OOG on Flat racks and break-bulk items.

“Handling multiple items on a single project always poses an exciting challenge. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to prove your efficiency in the subject. All credit to our onsite team headed by Ratheesh, Projects supervisor, who enjoyably engaged with each and every moment till completion” commented Sajith Vijayan, Manager CSS Projects in Dubai.

The scope of work included Anticorrosion coating, shrink wrapping, Tarpaulin wrapping, Crating and packing as per the item requirement, the cargo loading and stuffing from the shipper yard, Lashing and securing of cargo onto flat racks & Transportation to Jebel Ali port. The scope also included all documentation and customs formalities.
The experienced CSS projects team conducted the required cargo survey and did a detailed study of scope prior to the commencement of the move. Each point of the entire project was carefully assessed to ensure a reliable and smooth journey of the cargo. CSS Group Projects Senior Vice President Raj George congratulated the team on the successful and timely accomplishment of the project.

Air Cargo to Lagos


Details of an Air Project Cargo movement was released by the Projects team of CSS Dubai. The cargo movement was executed to Lagos. The movement was successfully handled and completed by the team, specialised in Air Cargo Projects handling. 22 tons of Steel plates and pipes were air freighted from Dubai to the African destination.

“Hands on experience is an indispensable factor for a successful Air Cargo Project completion. Extensive Knowledge about the airline requirements and packaging specifications gives an edge for CSS Projects team when such need steps in” said Sreenath V, Vice President, Operations & Projects, CSS Group.

The scope of work included, collection and packing of the cargo as per airline guidelines and executing the air freight to the destination. Timely follow up with the airline companies and updating the client about the status of the cargo in regular intervals becomes crucial to keep the movement robust. The assistance from the air freight department at CSS Dubai needs a special mention here. They have done a commendable job in successfully executing this project.

The successful completion of this air project cargo movement has once again proved the trustworthiness of the Projects division of CSS Group, who have already in its kitty a long list of renowned Project cargo movements in the Middle East over the last two decades.

A Grand Get Together


The warehouse staff of CSS Group from the entire UAE region recently joined together for a party. The get together was organized at the banquets, Fortune Plaza Hotel, Dubai. CSS Management was represented by Ajay Krishnan, COO, Freight forwarding, Anil Kumar Director Finance, Sreenath.V, Vice President, Operations & Projects and Susanth Shekar, Manager, HR & Admin at the function.

The party witnessed some delightful dance and music performances from the staff side. The cultural activities were combined with games and lucky draws which intensified the party mood. Occasional get togethers often embolden the relationship between the staff amongst themselves and with the management. CSS Group has always been particular in organizing employee engagement programmes and staff parties to maintain a cordial relationship within the company.

The vendors of CSS, as always participated the event with generous contributions in the form of gifts to be distributed to the winners of games. Lucky draw winners walked away with cash prizes organized by the CSS Management.

A special thank you goes out to all the staff who helped organize this grand evening and participated the event, without their assistance the evening would not have been such a success.

“Why Do We Embrace This Industry and What Keeps Us Going?”

Like many of us, I came to this industry by chance. Since I was a young & living in France, I have always traveled; I was first intrigued by the USA, then Israel, Morocco, and Europe. I began my career in sales, selling Moroccan freight services for an Italy-based company. I never expected to spend the next 26 years in the shipping industry, working on five continents and traveling to more than 50 countries. In addition to my native France, I have lived in Morocco, Italy, Tanzania, Egypt and now the USA. As the years went by while working for various companies I learned every facet of freight forwarding and developed country-specific and industry-specific skills. I found my niche by applying the science of freight forwarding specifically to the Textile Industry, which fascinates me. This industry focus is a vertical approach that works well in our industry. Textile clients love and appreciate services tailored to fit their unique transportation needs!

Despite the technology which seems to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, logistics is still considered very archaic and old-fashioned when it comes to how we approach clients. This can be a great thing in a way because it allows us to personally communicate with our clients face to face and develop relationships, something crucial for success in the industry. Also, it’s incredible to consider that we are using Ocean containers, Airplanes, Warehouses, Trucks, & Trains much in the same way we did decades ago. Not much has changed since we invented the first container ship in 1956 (62 years ago). This is a fascinating industry built on years of stability, and a great industry in which to have a career – especially If you like traveling and working with people all over the world.

If you are the type of person who likes to be challenged every single day I can promise you that your customers, colleagues, and suppliers will fulfill that need. As we say in our industry “We are only as good as our last shipment!” The International Freight Forwarding Industry fills a great need for the international marketplace. As long as people are buying and selling goods across the world, there will be jobs and opportunities for us all.

I encourage you to embrace this industry and find your own niche within. Every day is different and I can guarantee you that having a career in this exciting industry will keep you motivated and provide great career opportunities. Simply put, this industry is fun and rewarding. I will share a little secret with you – Always think Monday is your first day at the office; be curious, excited and ambitious and your journey will be a wonderful one.

Stay well. Until the next Chronicle…

Customer Portal

CSS Group Portal updates its feature

As part of providing advanced, user friendly features for the customers of CSS group, the CSS IT department constantly update the group portal. The IT department has released details of a latest update made on the Customer Login interface. Customers are provided with username & password. Upon login they can view their Routing Order, shipments can be tracked using Track & Trace module with HBL and HAWB. Presently the feature is active for the Dubai customers. All updates related with the same will be informed by the IT department on a regular basis.

The CSS Group Has A New *Digital* Face!

We revamped the corporate website earlier this year to make it look like what it does today – new designs built from scratch, easier navigation to see what its respective CSS branches are doing and more. Visit the website and find out more features like Track & Trace! It’s #TimeToEvolve.

Activating CSS HWB online!
Earlier this year, HWB stepped out of the shadows and introduced themselves in the online world through their #MovingEmotions campaign. We got their Facebook channel up and running, encouraged the staff to capture moments through their newly acquired tablets, and brought down bits of paper work by digitizing docs straight into Google Drive. Plus point: they’ll be launching their outdoor advertisement campaigns on the 1st of November, 2018!

Our Social Media Hub is LIVE!
Online presence is super important, even if we are a logistics and freight forwarding corporation. We brought together our revamped Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages onto ONE platform for you to quickly peruse.

Warehousing in India

Warehousing industry in India is one of the prominent market segments in total Logistic Sector. Implementation of GST & various E commerce as the two important factors that have created significant growth prospects for the warehousing sector in India. Experts claim a total of approximately 43,000 Crore rupees investment scope by 2020 in this sector.
There are various factors which helps warehousing sector to boost to its peak in Indian market.

1. Growing manufacturing activity under “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign driven by current government
2. Rising domestic consumption
3. Increasing International trade
4. Increasing in Organic harvesting
5. Growing investment of Indian & foreign in warehousing infrastructure
6. Ease of Government rules is last but not the least

In present scenario the warehousing industry is approximately 560,000 crore rupees excluding inventory carrying cost which amount to another 4340 thousand crore rupees with a minimum growth of 10% annually. The industry although is facing a lot of difficulties due to improper cargo flows, improper infrastructure, limited capability of carrying capacity so on and so forth.

Industrial / retail warehousing is major contributor in total warehousing industry with its 55% of total market share followed by 14% – 15 % Share by CFS/ICD, Agri warehousing & Cold store.

Industrial Warehousing is approximately 310 thousand crore rupees market with a basic growth of 10-12% in recent past. Some major players in Industrial warehousing are DHL, Safeexpress, Continental warehousing, Indo Arya, All Cargo etc.

Agri warehousing accounts 15% of total market share with an annual growth of 9-10 % in past few years mainly due to growing annual agriculture production, standardized warehousing operations as per Warehousing development & regulation act, subsidy scheme & Tax Incentive. Key players in Agri warehousing are Food Corporation of India (FCI) and Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC). Although 30 % of Agri Warehousing is still operated by unorganized small warehouse owners.

Cold stores accounts of almost 16 % of total warehousing industry and it expected to grow at 15% per annum on a sustained basis over the next 5 years with the organized market growth at a faster pace of 20%. Some significant players are Snowman, Gati Kausar, Cold Star, ColdEx, Kelvin Cold Chain etc.

Last but not the least is Container handling & storage. ICD/ CFS accounts almost 14% of total warehousing market in India and in past 3 years it has grown 10-15 % with almost 90,000 crore rupees market value. Government initiatives, faster container rail transport & secure cargo movement is the main reason for sudden growth rate in containerized movement of Cargo. The government run CONCOR (Container Corporation of India Ltd) continues to be the largest player operating 48 terminals which handles EXIM Cargo while 14 others handle domestic traffic only.
In today’s scenario Warehousing is not only for storage and transport service it is fast emerging as strategic end to end solutions that improves efficiencies with organized & skilled professional services. The fast growth in retail, automotive, manufacturing, pharmacy and agriculture along with GST in India is expected to give a proper thrust in Warehousing & Logistic business.

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