I’m always buoyed-up with enthusiasm as we approach another occasion for our Strategy Meet. Over the years I’ve seen the same enthusiasm, in my colleagues, as we prepare for this eagerly anticipated in-house business get-together.

Taking full advantage of this opportunity we have designed and put into action, strategies devised to overcome critical issues which have arisen during the growth process of Consolidated Shipping Services. Our enlightened thinking, stimulated by a united rationale, guided us to significant triumphs even when the global business scenario was somewhat disappointing.

However nowadays we allow outside influences to drive us on, without realizing their impact. New technology has pushed us to unforeseen levels of accomplishment. Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Nano Technology, Genetics and Robotics quickly spring to mind just in this century. Whilst information is at our fingertips dependence on these innovations means that many have lost the ability to undertake basic calculations without relying on them.

Working out a simple two-digit number sum, without the aid of a calculator, has even become impossible for some. Such consideration leads me to ask, “What has happened to our critical thinking?” I recall a quote from Albert Einstein – ‘The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing’. Few are able to match Einstein’s capacity for critical thinking but this is no reason for not trying. It seems to me that our generation is rapidly losing the capacity for this style thinking.

Fired-up with fervent passion for our Strategy Meet, I am confident that our get-together is destined to visualize ‘out of the box’ by applying critical thinking. This gives me confidence to believe that our in-house business get-together will design new strategies to action more success for CSS. Accordingly, it gives me pleasure to extend my best wishes to all participants.


As part of its continuous process for building business relationships while promising mutual growth, COO of CSS Group Chandrakala along with Krishna Kala and Shubham Lalwani from the NVOCC department visited the Egypt Freight Services (EFS), in Alexandria, Egypt.

EFS is the exclusive LCL agent of CSS Group in Egypt. EFS is connecting the world with its services in the LCL, FCL and Air freight areas. With the presence in 4 places in Egypt, EFS possess an 8500 Square meter bonded warehouse and have the capacity to provide door to door services.

The meeting allowed for both partners to discuss growth areas within their markets that would serve as a channel for development within the routes that they operate in. “We had an excellent platform to discuss and strategize ways in which both companies can continually grow our brands together in the regions we both operate. We want to thank EFS for their warm hospitality and a very productive meeting we both had,” mentioned Krishna.

CSS Group while remaining as the most trusted partner for NVOCC services amongst the global fraternity, has shown steady growth in their professional approach and dedicated services offered in the field of Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Local & International Land Transportation, Projects Management, Supply Chain Management and Personal Effects Management. Being a prominent name in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent, CSS Group has to its credit an enviable list of Global Network Partners.


The 4th Annual Future Manufacturing and Trade Summit 2019, held under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy and Industry, was organized on the 10th and 11th September 2019 at the Intercontinental, Festival City in Dubai. The conference focused on the developments and new strategies designed for UAE’s burgeoning manufacturing industry. A distinguished line-up of industry experts provided valuable insights to over 500 manufacturing professionals from across industries on the new technologies, and innovation, along with the best practices and case studies transforming the manufacturing sector in the region.

Consolidated Shipping Services L.L.C. (CSS Group) being the logistics partner for Dubai Exports (DE) attended the event to meet and discuss with various DE members and the event participants to identify the scope of providing professional shipping and logistics assistance. CSS Group was represented by Chandrakala, COO NVOCC, Santanu Dutta, AGM Business Development, Sreejith Balachandran, Business Development Manager and Bitto Babu, Business Development Executive.

“It was indeed a worthy event for us whereby we could connect to many potential customers who are into export business and look forward to a cost-effective and competitive solution to ship their products. By associating with DE, we would thank for giving such opportunities to get a platform to meet with many industry stalwarts and promoting our brands too”, mentioned Santanu Dutta about the event.

The Summit agenda included 16 presentations on the state of the industry and six panel discussions on topics focusing on advanced manufacturing and production, deciphering the benefits of IoT (internet of Things), operational excellence & lean strategies, the future manufacturing workforce and e-commerce transforming the future of logistics.


The 348-room, 5-star property was set up by CSS in a record time of 4 months across 13,500 FF&E items!

JA Lakeview opened its doors on September 22nd, becoming the third property in the 128-acre resort complex in Jebal Ali, Dubai. The hotel which includes 348 guest rooms, three swimming pools, new restaurants and a rooftop bar was completely set up by the CSS Hospitality & Hotel Logistics division of CSS Group.

This is one of the most recent hotel projects which was handed over successfully in 2019 by CSS Hospitality & Hotel Logistics that has a growing portfolio of hospitality clients in the region as well as international markets.

Rosh Manoli, General Manager – Sales & Marketing of CSS Group said, “We are very happy with the results that we were able to achieve for JA Lake View which included the delivery of furniture from our warehouse to the site and installation of artwork. What sets us apart from our competition is that we have our own integrated team from the point of managing the freight transportation across all suppliers, to warehousing, placement and installation services. This allows our clients to have clear visibility of the entire operations and helps us provide a consolidated solution for our customers.”

“The Operator and us from the owner’s team are extremely pleased with the effort, team spirit and your commitment to complete such a project in record time of 4 months. Considering the 13,500 items CSS has received, catalogued, unpacked and placed without major incident is truly a testament to your professionalism and organization”.
Steve Hall
Project Manager – Dutco Group


The Projects team at CSS Group successfully completed the movement of Pressure vessels within the Jebal Ali area. 4 units of the Pressure Vessels were moved with utmost care and planning from Jebal Ali south zone to the Jebal Ali port.

Dimension of the commodity as mentioned below:
250.691 tons: Length 37.82 x Width 5.34 x Height 6.169 meters
135.313 tons: Length 27.7 x width 5.53 x height 5.66 meters
136.552 tons: length 27.7 x width 5.53 x height 5.66 meters
170 tons: Length 15.65 x Width 6.2 x Height 6.15 meters

The movement was carried out in specially equipped trailers under the supervision of CSS Project professionals. “Our proven expertise in the field of project cargo movement brings in quality clients to us. Product knowledge is a vital factor for every successful project completion.” Mentioned Renjith Pillai, General Manager, CSS Abu Dhabi.



CSS Group offices in India and the Middle East celebrated Onam festival in a grand way. In all offices, the traditional flower carpet was arranged as part of the celebration and the competition, which is held every year for the prestigious Mahabali Crystal Award. Staff was wearing the traditional Kerala costumes on this day. An integral part of the occasion, the Onasadya (Traditional feast in a plantain leaf with 31 dishes) was served for the staff in a grand manner.

Onam is the biggest and the most important festival celebrated by the Malayali community within and outside the state of Kerala. It is a harvest festival and is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm all over the world where there are Keralites living.

According to a popular legend, the festival is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali, whose spirit is said to visit Kerala at the time of Onam. Onam is celebrated at the beginning of the month of Chingam, the first month of Malayalam Calendar (Kollavarsham). This corresponds with the month of August-September according to the Gregorian calendar.

Carnival of Onam lasts from four to ten days. The first day, Atham and tenth day, Thiruonam are most important of all. Popularity and presentation of the rich culture of the state during the carnival made Onam the National Festival of Kerala in 1961. Elaborate feasts, folk songs, elegant dances, energetic games, elephants, boats and flowers all are a part of the dynamic festival called Onam.


The enthusiastic team at the CSS Head Office, Jebel Ali, won this year’s Mahabali Crystal Award for the best Pookkalam (Kerala Traditional Flower Carpet) created in connection with the Onam celebrations.

A Pookkalam competition is organized every year, amongst CSS Group divisions, and the winner carries with them the Mahabali Crystal Award which is a rolling prize. Each office engages their best creative team to make amazingly beautiful flower carpet designs. The creatives will be judged by a panel of professionals, who announces the winners on a later date. This year’s winners and their creatives are shown here.


CSS Head Office! Fantastic job, well done Congratulations to the CSS Head Office TEAM!!!! Amazingly done design. The particulars are nicely shown and the props well placed.

Below is a quote from the Judges.

“Amazing design, the colors were well done and they gave so much importance to details!”



Congratulations!!!! You all did an amazing job, really appreciable…….

Below is a quote from the Judges.

“The color gradation was done brilliantly, but could have gained more points if the boat was not used with a help of a nonliving material!”


CSS Homeward Bound
Congratulations team!!!! You all did a good job, and this could have only been done through your team work and creativity.

Below is a quote from the Judges.

“Good design- The Pookalam was neatly done and the truck and the boat design was innovative!”


Rahat Talreja
Vice President – CSS Central India

Scene 1:
Its the middle of the night.
You are sensing there is a mosquito somewhere who is meandering to suck your hot red blood. You continue to defend mildly and in the course of the night, the mosquito drink 10 ml blood. You scratched a little, attempted to clap and kill it however didn’t have any sense of panic. Only some irritation. The loss was 10 ml blood. That was the mosquitos mission and gross demand.

Scene 2 :
Its the middle of the night.

Suddenly from somewhere appears a Dracula or vampire. In its trademark style, it laughs a lot ( remember all those spiritual gurus who ask you to laugh and smile in life) and now demands 5 ml blood from you. Thats its mission and demand – which is significantly lesser than the mosquito. The takeaway would be just half of the first situation. However chances are that you have already panicked and had a heart attack and died by now.

So if we analyse the situations carefully, you realise that its not always the takeaway but the context and tone of the situation that makes our emotions react. Therefore, we tend to distort our images in the situation and rather analyse it in extrapolation of the actual demand. Perspective and Look through calculation is, therefore, very important in life.

Face values, numbers, figures, all tangibles, if viewed in only number terms are a sure way of fooling yourself. Basically, perspective is the only tool that helps identify the context. And the context is the crux on which every situation rests. Panic is an emotional situation and perspective is a thinking position.

Let me elaborate with few examples:

Age is the most distorted panic situation we create for ourselves. The entire conditioning of being a certain age and relating it to certain events has enslaved our thoughts enough not to have any different perspective on it. However let me ask you a question.

Is 60 years an old age or not?

John is 30, has a very conditioned attitude towards life and for him, 60 is like his penultimate day.

Jethmalani is 95, just retired from 75+ years of law practise, for him, 60 was his childhood days.

The learned Sam Pitroda in his many lectures has said that we are the cusp of advances where human life will be over 150-200 years. They just won’t let you die. The organs that fail have started to be manufactured in laboratories and in another decade the cost will be so affordable that heart, liver, kidney etc whatever fails, you just replace it. simple. Technology will make the concept of age redundant.

Buying in Sales and Discounts

a) A garment, 50% off now also meant 100% higher priced earlier.
b) Bottle of Coffee, 100 gms for 100 rupees but 200 gms for 150 rupees also means

200 gms for 150 rupees so 100 gms should be for 75 rupees

If you see the net sale value of most products, they are an average 35% below the price always across the world. Price therefore acts only as a mental benchmark and is used to make you feel better about your purchase. Also it motivates you to purchase as well. If you view in perspective, ultimately nothing matters.

We can give several other examples like getting notices from income tax or being stuck in traffic before catching a flight or adolescents watching porn secretly and getting caught by parents or loosing a customer who appears big but is actually not in monetary terms or resources invested vs returns. Panic is a result of being away from reality in your mind. The closer you are to it, through unbiased analysis and clear viewing , the lesser you panic on unnecessary things. I remember once my friend was stuck in a income tax case which was on for several years and one senior one day just told him casually – see, they will take money, not your life, so its ok , don’t panic so much. It is so true that we get carried away in situations as if they meant life and death. I have seen people, sometimes my earlier self too, being too serious about normal business situations which actually don’t merit so much discussion and stress. I even wrote an article on : Over Analysis and Over discussion ( OA OD) in its context.

Now let me conclude. You know Nostradamus ?

Nostradamus said that the earth will end one day. But one day, it was he who died. Good bye!


DP World aims to build a better future for everyone and it’s great to see, first-hand, children of all ages, backgrounds, genders and abilities playing a sport that means so much to our business.

Mohammed Al Muallem, CEO and Managing Director of DP World Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 21 Oct 2019

DP World officially marked the one-month countdown to the 11th edition of the season-ending DP World Tour
Championship, Dubai, and inaugural EDGA Dubai Finale at Jumeirah Golf, Estates, as Irish professional Brendan Lawlor hit a
ceremonial tee shot off the first tee of the iconic Earth course in the presence of His Excellency Sheikh Fahim Bin Sultan Al

This year’s DP World Tour Championship will witness one of the most exclusive fields in world golf with only the top 50 players on the European Tour’s Race to Dubai Rankings eligible to compete in the prestigious event over the Earth course from November 21-24. The tournament will also boast the richest first prize in golf with the champion receiving a mouthwatering US$3 million.

To celebrate the UAE's Year of Tolerance, EDGA Dubai Finale star, Brendan Lawlor was invited to take the first ceremonial tee shot as His Excellency Sheikh Fahim Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Emirates Golf Federation and Mohammed Al Muallem, CEO and Managing Director of DP World, watched on along with the UAE’s boys 13 and Under National Golf Team and children from the Dubai Heights Academy.

Lawlor is one of eight Golfers of Determination who will be taking part in the inaugural EDGA Dubai Finale, a 36-hole
tournament that will be played in conjunction with the DP World Tour Championship – a Rolex Series event – using the same course set-up as the European Tour’s elite players. As well as taking the first ceremonial tee shot, the 22 year old hosted an inclusive coaching clinic for the Students of Determination from Dubai Heights Academy and the UAE’s 13 and Under Boys National Team, who recently won the bronze medal at the Pan Arab Golf Championships in Egypt.

The introduction of the EDGA tournament marks the first time a Golfers of Determination competition has been hosted in conjunction with a European Tour event in the region, following the successful EDGA Scottish Open at the Renaissance Club, which Lawlor won, and builds on the Year of Tolerance and DP World’s commitment to driving an inclusive and tolerant culture across its business, sponsorship platform and the wider UAE community.

Mohammed Al Muallem, CEO and Managing Director of DP World, said: “DP World aims to build a better future for everyone and it’s great to see, first-hand, children of all ages, backgrounds, genders and abilities playing a sport that means so much to our business. Golf is much more than just a game, it’s a platform for us to inspire people through the DP World Tour Championship and our partnership with the Emirates Golf Federation to build a more inclusive society.”

Also on the first tee for the ceremonial event were Mustafa Al Hashimi, CEO of wasl hospitality and leisure and representatives for the prestigious event’s other key stakeholders along with members of the Dubai golfing community.

“It”s great to be out in Dubai to celebrate one month to go the DP World Tour Championship and EDGA Dubai Finale, “said Lawlor. “I had a lot of fun with the students from Dubai Heights Academy and the EGF at the golfing clinic this morning and it’s a real privilege to be a role model to the Students of Determination and show them anything is possible in life. It’s the first time I’ve seen the course and it really is going to be a special occasion when I return next month for the EDGA Dubai Finale.

Tom Phillips, Head of European Tour Middle East, said: “We are extremely proud to be celebrating the 11th edition of the DP World Tour Championship. Through the excellent partnership we have with DP World, we have been able to deliver a first-class tournament that has helped put Dubai at the forefront of the international sporting world as well as grow golf locally by attracting new fans and new players to the game.”

It’s great to have Brendan with us to celebrate our one month countdown and we look forward to welcoming him and seven other Golfers of Determination back here to Jumeirah Golf Estates for the inaugural EDGA Dubai Finale. Golf has always been an inclusive game and we are very proud that the European Tour is a driving force in opening up the sport to as many people as possible.

Over 65,000 spectators will attend the free-to-watch tournament at Jumeirah Golf Estates with a further 500million people tuning in across the globe to see the action unfold on television.


In her song ‘Wind beneath my Wings’ internationally acclaimed songstress and actress Bette Midler ended by singing: –
‘Did you ever know that you’re my hero?
Ever popular, for many this song has become even more relevant today because there is a growing reluctance to give praise to others. Social media and the ever-growing stresses of modern life have instilled in many a desire to be noticed both in our workplace, society in general and even in our homes. It is true that many of us feel adequate and get satisfaction just going about our usual daily lives enjoying the occasional acknowledgment and smile. However, a growing number now feel a need to be recognised as individuals who are demonstrably unique from others. Unfortunately, in some this has become a passion to compensate for their lack of perceived skills. Their need to be recognised makes them succumb to the temptation of being a ‘trasher’. Finding that their talents and position doesn’t provide a sufficient platform for their aspirations, they take an easy option of trashing others. The idea to them, of praising anyone, undermines their own sense of importance. In their minds, making others feel insecure, heightens their own self-righteousness. Often, they become so skilful at doing this; it is not easy to recognise their almost stealth like activities. They rely on the fact that no matter who you are or even how nice you are, some people will not like you! So, when we hear that someone has ‘trashed’ us we just generally shrug it off and live with it. Unfortunately doing this often encourages those doing the ‘bad-mouthing’ to escalate their attacks. This increased activity may even make people we thought were friends turn against us. Unhappy people, who gain their kicks by trashing others, may join together so as they enjoy talking rudely about everyone else. By this stage malicious gossiping takes on an impetus all of its own.

So, what do we do about it?
Importantly you first need to recognise that you are being ‘trashed’. This is not always easy because trashers are often subtle in the way they build their sphere of influence. They usually act furtively in growing their empire as it gives credibility to their self-perceived uniqueness. This acts as compensation for their inadequacies. If they are found out their treasured trashing realm collapses.

You are being trashed if you are able to identify that someone is making harmful statements about you and that these may result in damaging your reputation and friendships. Workplace criticism, inappropriately conveyed to others, especially as ‘tittle tattle’, is a particularly hurtful form of trashing. It also breaks down team relationships and undermines group confidence. The truth of any statements is not theissue because the trasher, from their perspective, believes them to be true. Of course, an issue arises as to when such activities become slander, but that’s another matter. Frequently a trasher is a rather sad person, underneath their bluster, as it implies, they have nothing better to do. Deriving pleasure from trashing someone is believed to generate negative gratification which subconsciously saps creativity and vitality. It’s a way of getting sympathy and attention. If trash talk persuades some friends to desert you then you’re better off, as they were only tenuously your friend in the first place. They are in negative territory by allowing their lives to be influenced by rubbishing chatter.

But being trashed really does hurt, especially when it’s a good friend who has to clue you in that it is happening. However, one thing you must not do is to give in to a desire to defend yourself, especially when angry about it. Such a response plays into the hands of the trasher, who wants to feel more powerful than you. Over the years, experience has shown that the better way is to treat the trasher with light-hearted contempt by being friendly but, at the same time, nonchalantly smiling in their faces.

It turns out that those who recognise a need to cope with trashing activities often keep a ‘private’ list, about their workplace and social media – ‘a people who annoy them’ list. We all know such people, don’t we? Well checking it and amending it, every so often, makes us assess if we are also guilty of subtle trashing without realising it. Office and social media gossip is so much fun, isn’t it? Invariably we like to be first with the news.

We all have different talents and skills that are unique. Those who value a team spirit know that by pulling together, more may be achieved. Often, we fail to acknowledge this around us, thus providing fertile ground for trashers. Just like Bette Midler sings, by letting others know that they help you soar to greater heights, because ‘They are the wind beneath your wings’, quickly puts paid to trashers. We may all benefit by finding the time to ask our friends and colleagues, ‘Did you ever know that you’re my hero?’


CSS Lanka commenced its inside port operations recently.

Import Cargo console from Dubai was destuffed and export console to Male was stuffed by CSS Lanka port operations staff. Consolidated Shipping Services, Sri Lanka – started operations from Colombo, in December 2018.

“The inside port operations proved to be exciting for us, at the same time the weather posed a big challenge. But we were able to complete the process earlier than expected and the support from the port authorities helped us in completing the processes successfully” mentioned Menusha, General Manager, CSS Lanka.

Strategically located in a key East-West trade route and set close to India, Sri Lanka has the essential locational advantage needed for it to develop into a key logistics hub in South Asia. The island state is an important transshipment hub in the region. Colombo port has remained one of the busiest port in South Asia for many years as of now.


We look forward to building on our strategic partnership with the Rwandan government to expand the logistics and trade sector, by empowering the Rwandan people to increase the attractiveness of the country as a key trade hub in Africa.
Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem

  • Facility inaugurated in presence of H.E. The President of the Republic of Rwanda Paul Kagame
  • Truck-turnaround time using Kigali Logistics Platform reduced from an average of 10-14 days to just 3 days
  • 667 direct and indirect jobs created with 98% local employment

Global trade enabler DP World inaugurated its Kigali Logistics Platform in the presence of President of the Republic of Rwanda, H.E. Paul Kagame and DP World Chairman and CEO, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem.

The facility, which has been operational since September 2018 in test mode, has an annual capacity of 50,000 TEUs. When operating at full capacity, it has the potential to save Rwandan businesses up to $50 million a year in logistics costs.

Since the commencement of its operations in the Rwandan capital last year, Kigali Logistics Platform has reduced truck-turnaround time which used to be an average of 10-14 days to just 3 days.
Kigali Logistics Platform serves as a gateway to the heart of Africa, connecting Rwanda to neighbouring countries including Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. The facility will also access the port of Mombasa in Kenya and Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, securing two trade gateways to the sea.
The railway from Mombasa port in Kenya will pass through Uganda to Rwanda and also the railway from Dar Es Salaam to Kigali is under construction and will have its final cargo rail siding located at Kigali Logistics Platform. Linking railways to the Kigali Logistics Platform has the potential to dramatically reduce logistics costs for exports and imports via international gateways on the coast. At present it costs three times more to transport a container from Kigali to Dar Es Salaam as it does to transport the same container from Dar Es Salaam to Shanghai.

Commenting on the inauguration, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, DP World Chairman and CEO, said: “We believe in the economic potential of Rwanda and the African Great Lakes region. DP World is proud to support Rwanda in its ambitions to establish itself as a key services and trade hub for the region, and to accelerate further economic growth by sharing our knowledge and expertise in innovation and technology. As we inaugurate Kigali Logistics Platform, we are delighted by the impact it has already had on businesses and the community. We look forward to building on our strategic partnership with the Rwandan government to expand the logistics and trade sector, by empowering the Rwandan people to increase the attractiveness of the country as a key trade hub in Africa.”

Kigali Logistics Platform has already contributed to socio-economic progress through the creation of 667 direct and indirect jobs, with 98% local employment. The Kigali terminal also contributes to the elevation of living standards in nearby villages through business development projects and internship opportunities for young adults from economically challenged families.
The facility utilises state-of-the-art technologies to ensure maximum security and transparency for its customers. It is the only cargo terminal in Rwanda monitored by 24-hour CCTV with customers able to access real-time tracking through mobile and online portals. Operational time is reduced via articulated forklifts and modern narrow aisle racking system (VNA) in warehouses – a first for Rwanda and only the second of its kind in Africa.
The $35 million project spans over 130,000m², including a 12,000m² container yard and a 19,600m² warehousing facility. DP World and the government of Rwanda are exploring the expansion of Kigali Logistics Platform to Phase 1.2 and Phase 2 to increase efficiency and provide more logistics solutions.

“The introduction of new logistics routes paired with smart warehousing systems will improve access of Rwandan businesses to global markets, boost economic development and drive new investments into the Rwandan economy. The Kigali Logistics platform will revolutionize the way trade is handled in Rwanda, which was only made possible through the cooperation and constant support of H.E. The President of the Republic of Rwanda Paul Kagame and the Rwandan government,” Bin Sulayem concluded.