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January, 2016

When Containers Become a Bit More Romantic

Ben’s unique marriage proposal at CSS

Asking for a woman’s hand in marriage is one of the most important things a man will probably do in his life. Therefore, a good deal of consideration should be put into the timing and setting of this event. Thinking of creative marriage proposal ideas is tough and one of a kind proposal can be very hard to think of. We have seen and read many times in our life of people around the world exploring different, sometimes insanely expensive ways to propose marriage to their partners. Often times it is the the unique ones that take the headlines of News papers. One such unique proposals happened last week, showing that the logistics business can be more than what we know it to be!

Recently, The CSS Group helped organize a unique proposal for an industry friend and associate of the company, Ben of Pangaea. Ben a long time friend of CSS group, wanted to make his proposal  unique while relevant to the industry where his partner Martyna works in. He came up with an idea to do this inside a container. He shared his thoughts with Kala, Chairman of CSS group, who didn’t need to think twice to make this real. Arrangements were immediately made at the Jebel Ali office with all CSS staff sharing the same excitement of Ben.

A container was organized at one of the loading bays at the CSS Group Jebel Ali facility, the décor was done in-house by the CSS team. Cupcakes and flowers were arranged and Martyna was invited, albeit, without a clue as to what was to unfold. It was a truly romantic and unique event, attended by CSS Staff and the CSS Group Chairman.

January, 2016

Meticulously Executed Supply Chain Management

Millions in Mumbai commute everyday to earn a living. Banks, colleges, hospitals, government offices, private offices, factories and ports are all spread across different parts of the city. In a country where hot and freshly cooked home food is the most preferred for consumption, carrying of lunch boxes is a big burden for the working populace. However, this problem is unheard of in this metro city thanks to the presence of the 100 year old organization of “Dabbawalas”.

The Dabbawala community has about 5000 people working with them. These Dabbawalas deliver lunch boxes for about 2 lakh people at their work places on time. The work doesn’t end here. They also carry the empty lunch boxes back to the homes of the customers. The unbelievable part is they make only one mistake in sixteen million transactions and have been consistently good at it for all the time of their operations. This credibility earned them a six sigma designation by the Forbes magazine and ISO 9001 accreditation.  The three main reasons for their success are as follows.

1. Supply Chain Management

Surprisingly there is no use of Information systems or technology for their Supply chain side. A rigorous level of practice over the years has led to the unwritten steps to follow for accurate supply chain management and time precision. There are about 40000 transactions (delivery and return) of lunch boxes taking place daily. The figure below shows their Supply chain model

• Dabbawalas use cycles or go by foot to every household. The waiting time to collect a lunch box is maximum 2 minutes

• Every Dabbawala has to assemble at his/her reported collection point at sharp 9. 30 am

• From these collection points they assemble at the nearest railway station which is the Aggregation point

• The next mode of transport is the trains where the carriers containing lunch boxes are transported to the destination railway stations

• From every Destination station the dabbas are carried over carts, cycles and carriers to the destination zones which are given a specific number

• From these zones, the lunch boxes are carried to the offices or workplaces which reach by lunchtime

• From here the reverse process of delivering the empty lunch boxes back to homes starts

• All through the above process, there is no slack at any point of time

• Traffic Jams, pedestrians, delays in train and signals do not stop the functioning. The trademark white cap wore by these Dabbawalas are known to everyone including the police who don’t interfere in their process

2. Coding System

Coding System is meticulously followed in order to avoid any mistakes involving interchange of lunch boxes, that is, wrong Tiffin box reaching the customer.

As given in the above Diagram, the Coding system can be explained as follows:

• BVI: Borivali, a suburb in Mumbai. This denotes the residential station

• 9 RC 14: Code for Dabbawalas at destination. This user code is different for each customer

• RC: Raheja Chambers, name of a building or office

• 14: Floor Number

• E: Code for Dabbawala at Destination station. For example, E is a code for Nariman Point, Churchgate

• Jain: Name/Surname of the customer

3. Employees

All the employees or Dabbawalas are the stakeholders in this organization. This is the source of their motivation. Most of the employees are illiterate and rest is school dropouts. However they are literate enough to understand the codes and comprehend which lunch box belongs where. They are given basic idea about writing the alphabets and numbers on the boxes on joining the organization. Every Dabbawala takes about 3 hours for completing his assignment and has to cover 60-70 km on foot, carts, cycles and carriers combined. Alcohol consumption is strictly avoided during work hours. The employees’ monthly salary is about Rs.6000 per month.

Key Features of the Dabbawalas organization:

• Organization Turnover is about Thirty Six Crores annually

• Uninterrupted and on time service delivered even in occasions of bad weather and transportation/traffic problems

• Dabbawalas are well used to the local areas where they are functioning and make use of short cuts to save time

• No error inspite of lunch boxes changing hands six times

• During the working hours, they do not take a break or rest and thus no slack is present in the system

• They do not use vehicles which require fuel which makes them 0% Fuel reliant

• They do not use any modern technology for carrying out the logistics

• There are no disputes between the employees and no presence of any union

• Unique organization with Six Sigma designation and 99.99% rate of performance

• Cost of Service per lunch box = Rs. 450 per month and is standard price for all

• Customer Satisfaction accounts 100% with utmost trust


The Dabbawalas organization is a standout example of efficient Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Corporates and students should make note of their functioning in order to understand their unique structure and process. Today the Dabbawalas have welcomed the use of internet technology only for increasing their customer base and nothing more. Many fast food chains and hotels in the city will always be competing with the Dabbawalas but their hope of failure of Dabbawalas system may never materialize.

Compiled by Rajesh Chakiat, GM, Supply Chain, CSS Dubai

January, 2016

Expanding New Horizons of DP World

CSS was advised by DPW management at a recent briefing here in Dubai (Dubai Ports Operator) that DP and other partners are investing $1.9 billion in China port terminals until 2020, DPW stated The $1.9 billion investment in China is the total investment by all partners in China terminals including DP World for the years up to 2020 – DP World’s share of the Capex will reflect its minority shareholding in the respective projects,” a company statement mentioned

DP World has three ports in China – Qingdao, Tianjin and Yantai .

This announcement came after a recent three-day official visit to Beijing, during which a host of business deals have been announced between the United Arab Emirates and China.

The deals included the two countries establishing a joint strategic investment fund worth $10 billion as China pursues its ambition to rebuild Silk Road trade routes.

DP World and the Prince Rupert Port Authority have announced an agreement to study further expansion of the Fairview Container Terminal in Prince Rupert. The agreement was signed by DP World Canada Group and Prince Rupert Port Authority further strengthening the commitment of their respective organizations to the development and growth of the Port of Prince Rupert. DP World is the operator of the Fairview Container Terminal and construction is currently underway for the Phase II North expansion. Government of Canada approval has been received for the Phase 2 South expansion of the terminal further to the environmental assessment (Comprehensive Study Report) completed on terminal expansion in 2012 in accordance to the requirements of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. Under the Feasibility Study agreement, DP World intends to study current marine liner services and container volume growth forecasts for trans-Pacific trade on the West Coast, weighing demand for activation of Fairview’s Phase II (South) expansion to align the project schedule with market demand. This study is critical to the future growth of port operations within British Columbia and will serve as the basis for moving forward with this project in a timely manner. Additionally, the agreement included the intention to establish a cohesive and systematic approach to information sharing as well as environmentally sustainable port initiatives re Phase II South, which could potentially be delivered within the next three to five years depending on demand, would increase the total capacity of Fairview Container Terminal to in excess of 2 million TEUs, and would provide capacity to meet Canada’s Pacific container terminal capacity requirements for decades to come in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner, The growth in traffic at the Fairview Terminal, North America’s fastest-growing intermodal gateway, has been a validation of the Prince Rupert advantages in transpacific shipping. DP World is ready to seize those advantages and move forward with planning the terminal’s continued expansion. In early 2015, the Phase II North expansion project was launched, which will raise the terminal’s capacity to approximately 1.3 million TEUs upon completion in 2017.

November, 2015

Inspiring for The Best Results

CSS Delhi motivational programme for their employees

A unique employee engagement programme was witnessed at Console Shipping Services Delhi office with enthusiastic staff members participating with cheer and excitement.  Motivating employees to perform to their maximum potential is the responsibility of an organization’s leaders. It is important that your employees know they are viewed as valuable members of the organization. In order to make their team, feel special and appreciated, CSS Delhi senior management organized a team building activity.

The event also saw the staff members being recognized for their contribution and hard work. Awards were distributed amongst them for their exemplary service performances and displaying leadership qualities. The CSS management believes that such recognitions help employees to enhance their level of commitment and performance towards their core activity, thereby motivate the other members of the organization. This time CSS Delhi has awarded their team members for their continuous support and accomplishments based on their performance and personality. Activity was made transparent which based on voting system that eventually could make everyone to be the part of the programme and share their views and vote for the most eligible candidate amongst them. The final decision was declared by a panel of Senior Management Staff at the Delhi office under the guidance of Rajesh Arora, Vice President, North India. The decision was purely taken as per the voting done on the day.

The programme was well appreciated by the entire CSS Group offices and the Chairman, T S Kaladharan who said that the most valuable service from any person could be the next job he attends and we need to keep our employees motivated enough to equip them to deliver their best from the next job, while talking about the programme. A big congrats to CSS Delhi for organizing such wonderful programmes which surely will be followed by other offices as well, the soonest.

The list of awards distributed on the day and the recipients as below:

  • Mr. Punctuality : Mr. Sumit Kumar (Import documentation Department)
  • Old timer Award or Length of service Award : Mr. Vijay Pradhan (Field Guy)
  • Bring out the best (everyday leadership) : Mr. Rajeev Kumar (AGM – Imports)
  • Most supportive person : Mr Sudeep V Pillai (Accounts Department)
  • Steadiness under pressure : Mr. Prince Jawa (Imports – customer service)
  • Star performer : Mr Rajesh Arora (Vice President)
  • Rising star : Shared by  Mr. Prasun Roy (AGM – Exports) &
  • Mr. Prabhakar Kumar (Manager sales – Imports)
  • Most Humble / Kind personality : Ms. Ekta Sawhney (Asst. Manager – Key Accounts – Imports)
  • Marvelous Multitasker: Mr. Shankar Das (Field operations)
  • Best communication skills : Mr. Atul Jaiswal (Manager, Overseas co-ordination)

November, 2015

New Office for CSS at Chennai

Console Shipping Services, Chennai has moved on to a new location recently. The change in office location was primarily to provide better access for their clients. Being at the new place, Chennai team intends to cater to their clients in a better way and to ensure speedy and prompt service deliverance. CSS Group wishes Chennai team good luck at the new location.


November, 2015

Handling with Care

Dangerous Goods Handling License for CSS Airfreight Division, dubai

CSS Group Airfreight division has acquired the DG license, which enables the company to handle dangerous goods movement as per the provisions mentioned in the license. The airfreight division can handle Classes 1 to 9 items of DG goods as prescribed worthy for air transport by the competent authority. There are a number of restrictions which have been placed on dangerous goods which are permitted to be transported by air. All such restrictions shall be complied with by all concerned involved in the transport of dangerous goods by air.

Dangerous Goods may be carried safely by air transport provided certain principles are adopted. Therefore, these principles have been used in the ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, to facilitate transport while giving a level of safety such that dangerous goods can be carried without posing the aircraft and its occupants, health and or the environment at risk. This is also intended to improve the aviation industry standards and bring it up to the required level of compliance with dangerous goods regulations and to ensure safe and secure air transport of dangerous goods by air at all times.

The Competent Authority dangerous goods certified operators must ensure that its employees or employees of its appointed ground handling agent processing and handling dangerous goods shipment(s) for transport by air are trained commensurate with their responsibilities as specified in these Regulations.  The training shall be undertaken by one of the GCAA approved training providers, IATA Institute of Training and Development or ICAO.

Consolidated Shipping Services LLC ensures that their DG handling staffs are trained by a competent authority and hold valid certificate issued by the Authority. Recurrent training must be provided within 24 months of previous training to ensure knowledge is updated. CSS Group has taken all measures to ensure safe and professional handling of Dangerous goods of their clients and provide maximum satisfaction in the least expensive manner.

November, 2015

United to Preserve Wildlife


DP World recently hosted the United for Wildlife Taskforce, a collaboration between seven international conservation organizations established by His Royal Highness, The Duke of Cambridge, for lunch and a tour of the company’s flagship Jebel Ali Port. DP World is a member of the Taskforce which is committed to focusing increased attention and action on the most pressing conservation issues of our time, including the multi-million dollar, illegal wildlife trade from Africa to Asia in elephant ivory, rhino horn, big cats and many other species. The meeting follows continuous work by Dubai Customs, in collaboration with DP World, to tackle the trade in line with UAE legislation. Between 2012 to 2014 Dubai Customs seized, destroyed and repatriated over 775 pieces of ivory, worth over $10 million dollars, and 618 tons of sandalwood. Overall seizures increased by 36% during this period.

HE Sultan Ahmed Bin Slayed, Chairman of DP World, told Ken Dinnadge who represented CSS Group at a recent event: “Stemming the flow of illegal trade in endangered species is a major issue and as a global ports operator we have an important role to play, in partnership with customs authorities, in eradicating this morally reprehensible activity. “As a member of the Taskforce we enjoyed meeting other participants to help develop recommendations for governments, global organizations and private sector supporters. “One of the aims is to promote greater awareness within our industry and to encourage greater cooperation between official bodies, organizations and the transport sector to combat this illegal trade.

The transport industry – specifically airlines, shipping lines and port operators can contribute in breaking the chain between suppliers and consumers of illegal wildlife products.” The visit included a briefing by DP World management and Dubai Customs on how Dubai authorities work together to eradicate illegal wildlife trade through the emirate, in line with UAE legislation on endangered species introduced in 1974. Task Force members in Dubai led by the Rt Hon William Hague include DP World; Emirates Airlines; World Customs Organization (WCO); Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS); Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES); International Air Transport Association (IATA); International Maritime Organization (IMO); World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF); United Nations Development Program Middle east, and Cruise Line International.

-As reported by Ken Dinnadge



September, 2015

A word of Gratitude

CSS India Director, Jairam K R speaks about their successful journey and their ambitions, in an interview with Lighthouse

As a team leader for CSS India, could you please tell us about the success you recently achieved?

It’s been a modest start from CSS India from Mumbai, Delhi & Chennai since 2007; however the Tirupur office was functional from 2004 onwards. From the beginning itself it was challenging and interesting at the same time. Since being in the industry for a very long period and having a very good rapport amongst the big and small players in shipping and logistics, my first focus was to put a proper and professional team in place when we began. Even though I have always believed in leading from the front, it’s been an excellent team effort and each and every one at CSS has contributed in his/ her own way from day 1. Today having been completed this journey, I still believe that we have a long way to go and achieve.

How would you describe the position of CSS India today in the market?

Today CSS in India has grown to become a reasonable good service provider. We focus on small and middle level companies who contribute to more than 70% of our business.  We are on a consolidation mode currently. We have trust in ourselves and the service we provide. Being a thorough professional, we could hardly compromise in the quality of our rendition. It is this quality that propels our customers to stick on with us forever.

How has CSS evolved to meet your client’s needs?

At Console shipping services India, every single customer whether small, medium or big are treated with respect and with utmost care and customer retention is our main focus. Even though its cargo, we know that it’s wrapped up in somebody’s sentiments. It is this understanding which has brought us the recognition as a client friendly cargo handler. We are open to discuss anything at any point of time regarding the job we are doing with our customer. This transparency has created a comfortable space within us and our client. In this technology driven world, CSS constantly upgrade our technology to stay Online with the market requirements.

After the recently commenced Ahmedabad office, do you plan for more presence in the country?

We plan to establish and consolidate our position first in Ahmedabad and then slowly diversify to other areas in Gujarat. We do extensive market study before opening an office in any location. Right now we have 9 offices in India and all these are managed by professional team. Major offices like Mumbai and Delhi can cater to the suburban areas and closer towns as well. Also we have satellite presence in small towns to work as support stations which we are not mentioning here. India being a very large country we need highly skilled and dedicated manpower to satisfy your professional requirements. Hence, we plan and strategize much prior to setting up an office.

Today CSS Group is seen as a global player in freight forwarding and logistics, how far CSS  India benefits with this recognition?

CSS Group consists of CSS Middle East and India. We have very strong presence in the Middle East like we have in India. Since the platform, agency network, the style of operation and the quality of deliverance are all same, that is of high standard, CSS Group as a single entity benefits largely from these and CSS India is no different.

What plans are in store for the immediate future?

The current market condition does not auger an expansion program. Every day is a new day and every opportunity is a chance to learn more. We are using our resources to enhance the present offerings in the market and strengthen our consolidation business. We have plans to enhance the CRM features in the software which are under discussion with our IT department. At the same time, we are adding another vertical to our business and this is Airfreight. We are working towards acquiring our own IATA in this regard.

September, 2015

Centrally Located New Storage Facility

CSS Homeward Bound announces the new state of the art warehouse facility in Al Quoz.

CSS Homeward Bound has acquired a state of the art warehousing and storage facility, in Al Quoz. Complete with proper racking and convenient loading bays, the new facility offers you any storage requirement you have in their 20,000 sq ft area of warehouse space. They offer both normal and temperature controlled Storage solutions, customizable to suit specific cargo requirements.

The niche services at this facility include Personal effect storage, short term or long term; either through our premium CSS Homeward bound services or using our SDS BOX (Self Door Storage).

SDS BOX storage services can be customized to suite specific requirements, storage units range from a 5 cubic meter up to 10 Cubic Meter capacity. Customizable SDS storage boxes of larger or smaller dimensions can be made available as well.

This SDS Boxes are made from top quality plywood with a proper pallet system which enables them to be lifted by forklift or through a manual mobile lifter. Wood breathes and is proven as the safest storage solution for household items and furniture storage, protecting your precious items from mold, mildew, dust and pests.

In addition to our Personal Effects and Self Storage, Our suite of services at  the facility include 3PL  Storage, Heavy equipment, Plant and Machinery Storage,  Automotive Logistics and Storage and our renowned industrial packing -lashing and crating services, all operated exclusively by CSS trained Staff.

Our prime location within the AL Quoz Industrial area allows for quick access / proximity to the Dubai local market,  Jebel Ali Port and Free Zone,  Our CSS hub at Jebel Ali as well as Dubai International Airport.

September, 2015

New Facility for CSS in JAFZA

The new office and additional storage for CSS in Jebel Ali will be completed in a year

The construction work of the new office and storage facility of CSS Group has begun inside Jebel Ali Free zone area. Adjacent to the existing office building and the CFS, the new facility will increase the storage capacity of CSS, which in-turn will benefit the ever growing demand for warehousing facility inside JAFZA. Once completed, the new infrastructure will bring in an additional 47,850 Sq. Ft to CSS Group’s existing 3 PL facilities in the Middle East. The new facility will have 3956 pallet positions with double deep racking facility. The storage area will be partly temperature controlled as well.

The ground breaking ceremony of the new building was done two months back in the presence of invited guests and dignitaries from the Shipping and Logistics community. The ground breaking ceremony of the new facility in JAFZA was attended by Dr. Mohammad Al Banna, Vice President – MEA Region, Economic Zones World, Malayalam Cine actor Mr. Anoop Menon, Mr. Srinivas from Orbit engineering consultants & Mr. Ajit T P from Space Max Contracting L.L.C.

CSS Group will have their Regional office along with a new warehouse within the new facility. The new facility  is expected to become operational in a year’s time from the commencement of the work.

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