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Lighthouse - January, 2013.

Chairman’s Message

It gladdens my heart being able to wish you all, a great year ahead. A New Year provides an opportune time for us to thank all our friends, agents, associates and well wishers; who have stood with us in the ups and downs over the past twelve months. Whatever achievements we have made are because of the trust they have shown in us. I have seen some remarkable progress in the workmanship and confidence level of our own staff. We have made the communication stream clearer than ever, with our wonderful Lighthouse and websites. The enthusiasm shown by our sales team really warrants outstanding appreciation. I know they will emulate my own aspirations and dream big and act bigger in the coming year. Some wonderful strides were also taken by our IT team as they have developed innovative concepts which will be implemented soon. The guidance and leadership shown by our senior management team was truly remarkable. In summary, throughout CSS, we have seen great teamwork. Let us hope to achieve greater heights with our continuing enthusiastic efforts.

For this New Year, I would like to share a notion which I recently read. It’s all about keeping your own diary of events. Does this sound too simple? But if you ponder on this concept, you will come to realise that it really matters and will make a difference. Keep a diary and note events, both personal and professional. Whenever you feel something is worth writing down then just do that. At the end of each week, month and eventually the year, read what you have written. You will then be able to analyse what you have done and chart where you have reached in terms of achieving your goals. Such an assessment will sharpen your focus and enable you to be more targeted in the year ahead. Try this out in 2013, and experience some extra magic in 2014.

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