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Lighthouse - September, 2016.

Chairman’s Message

T S Kaladharan

Being able to share some good news invariably makes us happy. After months of hard work from my colleagues, CSS has started its services from Qatar and Oman. This is a great and proud event for all of us at CSS, not least, because this achievement is the result of collective effort by all our staff and stake holders.  This is a truly justified reason for all of us to be happy.

It’s is true that significant moments aren’t just about opening new offices or even having a new presence. An occasion becomes noteworthy because it inaugurates the beginning of another success story. With a continued belief in ourselves, hard work and a commitment to our future, we can be sure that our efforts will not go unnoticed in these new regions of the Middle East.

I never forget my roots and an ability to take farsighted decisions based on our abilities and ethics.  CSS was founded in 1995 and has grown to become a reputed name in the freight forwarding and logistics businesses, throughout the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. To achieve this success, at certain points of growth, critical decision taking was required. When the business forecasts demands a change in your existing pattern, it is better to switch over to a more convenient form of progress rather than to try and rectify the current one. My experiences underscore my belief that to hold back a decision, because of uncertainty, is a crime which cannot be pardoned.

We are at an historic CSS landmark because we have taken a decision to commence CSS services provision, utilising our infrastructure and highly experienced staff, in Oman and Qatar. I am confident that this step, involving as it does two major economic power centres in the Middle East, will prove to be the right decision at the right time. I still get the same excitement, when taking decisions, as it did way back in 1995. This current decision equally excites me and I happily anticipate success for us all at CSS and our stake holders.

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