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Lighthouse - May, 2017.

Chairman’s Message

T S Kaladharan

It is amazing how far away; seemingly unapproachable to some, distant horizons may appear. Yet when they have been reached, the memories of the journey provide emotional rewards which surpass everything.  The ten year course, chartered by Console Shipping Services India, has seen us sailing through the hearts and minds of millions of satisfied clients. Being able to make this statement gives me great pleasure as I recognise the privilege that goes along with this.

I recall the days when CSS India was first conceived, with a small group of colleagues and friends sitting around with me, planning and strategizing about the future of the India operations. At that time, no one was quite sure about the fortunes destiny might have in store for us. However all of us were united in focusing on the distant horizon. We had confidence that we were going to sail through whatever situations unexpectedly came our way.  We had a belief and determination that enabled us to ride any troughs and stay on the crest of the waves. Bearing in mind how we started, it recently seemed appropriate that a few of us should get together for a small celebration in Delhi. Here we were able to share the excitement and joy of this landmark achievement of CSS India. We reminded ourselves that one’s roots should never be forgotten. For CSS the saying that ‘from little acorns – oak trees grow’ holds true for us.

Today my colleagues, in India, have achieved an acclaimed dynamism and steadfast approach aimed at delivering the best. This has created a long lasting impression in the market in which they operate.  Accordingly, this historic juncture reminds us about the broader aspect of responsibility that is expected from each of us.  We must all employ strength and longevity, similar to that of an oak tree, to forge ahead by building on our solid and secure foundations.

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