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Lighthouse - March, 2019.

Chairman’s Message

Companies are made-up of management and staff that are invariably a unique combination of brains and personalities. Being able to bring all their talents together, in order to achieve success, is a paramount challenge.

Consequently, it has always been a debatable issue as to which is more important, personal or company growth. However, I feel it is a topic that needs serious analysis. Nimble companies adapt to new situations and marketing conditions, whereas rigid companies eventually crack under the strain.

Growth is a word which motivates ambitious people, especially those who have already experienced the phenomena of company fortunes growing and falling. It’s unfortunate that self-centered persons never really take time to study the reasons for such ebbing and flowing events.

Correspondingly a company needs to find the time to recognise staff’s talents and promote their aspirations for personal growth. Such considerations lead to teams being assigned a manager or leader. Every holder of such positions must develop an ability to study team members’ aspirations and respond to them, both individually and collectively. In order for a company to grow successfully change is very important. Realistically meaningful changes are only possible when employees acclaim growth. This motivates them to take on new challenges, expand their capabilities, cultivate new behaviours and entertain innovation.

With these thoughts uppermost, my message for this edition of Lighthouse is specifically directed to the managers and leaders within the CSS Group. You have a responsibility to your company whilst, at the same time, ensuring that this responsibility cascades down to each of your team members. A healthy body relies on all its organs functioning properly. This makes everyone, regardless of their role, an important part of CSS. Our greatest asset is our staff and, as a responsible company focused on developing advancement; we must never forget that appreciating individual aspirations are a solid basis on which to build growth.

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