CSS Abu Dhabi and Book Logistics

CSS Abu Dhabi was approached by one of our Book Logistics network partner mentioning that their client would like to have some assistance at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair recently held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre between the15th March 2011 to 20th March 2011. Ms. Eunice Tse, Director – Business Development at TSE World Wide Press, Hong Kong was introduced to us and she was in need of some help in getting acquainted to Abu Dhabi and also for having a person who could help her with introductions and translations for her Arabic speaking visitors and prospective clients at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair. The task was handled by Rose Fawzy, Customer Service Executive at CSS Abu Dhabi who handles the customer service and agents enquiries communications. Rose with her proficiency in both English and Arabic, her friendly and helping nature made the client comfortable and she in turn helped the client generate many leads which we are sure will convert into business.

Abu Dhabi is going to see at least 20 new education institutions ranging from schools to universities scheduled to be opened 2011 through till end of year 2012. This will increase in the requirements of books printed materials etc from many parts of the world. CSS Abu Dhabi is coordinating imports of books coming in from USA, UK and Far East. We feel that the increasing demand will create imports from other parts of the world as well; we will see increased volumes coming in from the sub continent as well. With these prospects, CSS Abu Dhabi along with the CSS Air Freight division are benefiting special rates from the airlines and therefore offering the most competitive packages for its clients.