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Lighthouse - November, 2020.


As a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier, the CSS has the best talent, resources, and partners across the globe to provide top-notch logistics to our customers looking for vehicle shipments across the nations.

The avid vlogger from the South Indian state of Kerala, Shakir Subhan, with a YouTube channel called Mallu Traveller, airs his budget travels worldwide. His Instagram handles @mallu_traveller boasts his motto, “Spend less, travel more.” Having traveled to more than 24 countries, his channel has 1.31 million subscribers today. He gained fame with his viral videos documenting his stay at a Corona isolation ward at Kannur, Kerala.

The globe-trotter was on “a solo world bike tour” when he was forced to discontinue his landmark journey in Azerbaijan when he was about to enter Georgia due to the global coronavirus outbreak. Shakir had to leave his trusted steed, a TVS Apache RTR 200 motorbike, in the care of the customs at Baku, Azerbaijan, and travel back to his home state of Kerala in India. He has fondly named the customized TVS Apache RTR 200 ‘Amina‘ as a tribute to his mother, Kunjamina.

While Subhan was in Kerala, he yearned to be reunited with ‘Amina.’ That was where CSS stepped into the picture to reunite Subhan and his trustworthy companion on many journeys worldwide.

CSS was instrumental in transporting the TVS RTR 2004V from Baku in Azerbaijan. With the COVID protocols delaying shipment across most countries, CSS undertook the stupendous task of planning out the motor bike’s shipment, Amina.

CSS undertook this task when most flights were canceled, and cargo movement was highly restricted due to the COVID protocols. The bike was air-freighted from Baku (GYD) Airport to the Dubai International Airport via SILK WAY Airlines (ZP) cargo flight carrier and then later trans-shipped from the Jebel Ali Port to the Cochin Sea Port through CSS LCL console service. The seamless logistics provided by CSS enabled the smooth movement of the shipment. The much-loved bike and its owner were once again reunited after more than six months.

Here’s CSS wishing Shakir Subhan many more miles of safe travels around the world!.

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