Global Shipping And Logistic Services

Heavy new and used equipment requires special shipping considerations due its size and weight. Shipping all types of cargoes such as bulldozers, cranes, trucks, plant equipment, project cargoes and other heavy industrial machinery requires a specialized Freight and Logistics service provider. CSS Group is now focusing on providing various types of global Logistics solutions so that shippers and receivers can receive a dedicated competitive professional service which will enable all parties involved to focus on the actual buying and selling or the projects they require the actual equipment to be used for.  The first step in shipping heavy equipment is to have accurate cargo details such as dimensions and weight for the actual ocean carrier or transporter so that a competitive quote can be provided. This type of information can help the vessel owner or operator via CSS determine the actual type of service required and if any special considerations need to be made. CSS Group has the experience, dedicated professionals and first class knowledge globally that enables us to focus on this specialized sector of the market.

Our dedicated team always consults and works with our clients for the respective cargo specs as well as specialist transporters in order to obtain all requisite information regarding equipment or cargo dimensions and weight.

Once these have been determined the CSS Group then consider the various transport and shipping requirements and options. Equipment may require specialized transport and ocean freight options, whether the cargo may require a special trailers and handling CSS can arrange transport and shipping even though some cargoes present challenges. CSS carefully researches your options and chooses those that will work best for you.

Heavy equipment transport and ocean freight can be a difficult task, therefore it is important to choose a company that specializes in this arena such as CSS. Working with an experienced freight and logistics provider helps take some of the guesswork out of the entire shipping process, while working directly with a logistics provider such as CSS allows its customers to be more involved in the entire process and can often result in more personalized service.

Before the day of the actual move, CSS works closely with its customers in order to prepare and take necessary steps to make sure that all cargo and equipment will arrive safely. CSS is prepared for any adverse conditions it may encounter in the whole process. When clients need to make special preparations for overweight or oversized equipment CSS always deliver.

When purchasing logistic services CSS makes sure a clear scope of work is defined and the client knows what the actual scope of work covers and how to make sure shipping heavy equipment does not have to be such a heavy burden.

CSS always researches and ensures proper preparation as this goes a long way toward ensuring a smooth shipping experience.

CSS is much more than a RoRo breakbulk shipping provider. CSS Group encompasses the whole logistics chain, with many CSS Group subsidiary companies also contributing to the diversification of the actual services we are able to offer.

The choice is yours. Select from many of our services in order to meet your unique requirements or contact us to design a customized service solution. Whether you’re a manufacturer, dealer or buyer or even perhaps a private individual shipping your personal vehicles overseas, CSS can provide the right solution.

CSS is your solution provider for RoRo shipping, distribution services, forwarding & customs brokerage, logistics consultation, bulk and tramp movements we truly have a vast array of services on land, sea and in the air.

CSS – Consolidation / Logistics Management is one of the Middle East and Subcontinent’s largest asset based logistics organizations and is a pioneer in the consolidation industry. CSS can manage purchase orders, ensures vendor compliance, and physically consolidates cargo and control bookings and shipments. CSS continues to set the standards for innovative services in the field of logistics management.

CSS offer RoRo Services in conjunction with leading long and short sea operators, transporting varied units per year. Aside from CSS shipping activities they we can also offer inland transportation, port operations, IT and logistics services.

CSS Logistics – Warehouse and Distribution Services are Providers of fully integrated logistics services available throughout. Our secure distribution center offer bonded storage and specialize in sensitive, high value products. CSS also has an extensive fleet of distribution vehicles and warehousing space.

CSS – Container Shipping Services offers world-class container services throughout the world. CSS excels in service worldwide with fixed day of the week calls at many ports. Parts accompanying RoRo units, units partially knocked down for assembly, parts for assembly and or repair as well as household goods accompanying a privately owned vehicle can easy be serviced through CSS services.