Top Tips While Buying Used Equipments Are:

  • Do seek references for the seller from someone you know who has dealt with them before.

  • Do physically inspect the equipment before you buy it – make sure that the correct type of serial number plate is fixed correctly to the chassis and that it has not been interfered with.

  • Don’t purchase from ‘dodgy’ places such as pub car parks, lay-bys or service stations.

  • Do view and buy it from the company or home address of the seller.

  • Do be suspicious of recently re-sprayed equipment.

  • Do check the ignition has not been damaged.

  • Do look for any previous owner decals – if you find any, call them to make sure they have sold it.

  • Do ask for any documentation – receipts, service history, V5 etc.

  • Do request a company receipt which includes the seller’s full address and VAT number.

  • Do the inspection done from an authorized body before you buy it – and do so when you are standing next to it.

  • Do insist on seeing the Check certificate if you are buying from a dealer or auction.

  • Don’t pay cash.

  • Do be suspicious if the sale price is less than the current market value.

  • Do walk away if you have any doubts.

“The CSS Group employees are highly skilled with a wealth of experience and knowledge in handling the shipping of various types and sizes of breakbulk equipments and machineries. Also due to the extensive network of agents worldwide we can proudly say, “when time matters we matter”.

Kenneth A Dinnadge
VP Business Development, CSS