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Lighthouse - March, 2016.

Chairman’s Message

T S Kaladharan

Taking time to look at the current world situation, it is apparent that positive signs of economic stability are being challenged by various social and political concerns. Big economies are exhibiting sluggish trends whereas certain regions, showing promising potential, are under threat from unpredictable forces such as terrorism. This overall situation prompts responsible proactive companies to assess how they may maintain and promote confidence. CSS is, quite rightly, well placed in the middle ground of these challenges. Our core principles of customer awareness, service and innovation stand us in good stead. It means that our leadership team possess the much valued emotional intelligence required to instil confidence in others. This quality, in particular, is of paramount importance. Its application, being able to understand and appreciate what causes concerns in others, enables CSS to combine our experience in a way which encourages faith in the future. This ability is not achieved by chance. It is the product of having a long time commitment to the services and logistics industry. We are able to lead and push positive trends forward to the advantage of those who do business with us. This is not only of benefit to CSS but also to everyone else.

The first weeks of 2016 have quickly highlighted the course CSS needs to take in order to make inroads into new market places, whilst at the same time being able to continue providing on-going support, service and resolutions for our valued customers. CSS, as a customer – client proactive company, is able to anticipate when changes are needed in order to respond to market demands. Accordingly I look forward with confidence to CSS, along with the mutual support of our friends, being able to help each other achieve our respective visions for the future.

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