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Lighthouse - November, 2013.

To Break The ICE…

An innovative HR Programme at CSS Delhi

CSS Delhi conducted an innovative HR programme to boost the employee morale.

Workplace pressure and strain can make people exhausted and hate their everyday job in office. When staff is unhappy, they are less efficient, less effective and more likely to squander work hours or quit. This may finally destroy the perfect balance of a team and thereby disturbe the company work to a large extend.

Employee engagement activities in the office will always keep the employees relaxed and refreshed. Having fun at work will increase team building, bring togetherness, relieve stress and make the employee emotionally attached to the work place and at the end of the day will reduce attrition. Recently, CSS team in Delhi conducted a fun filled HR activity to regain the momentum of employee cohesion and boost their morale. On the 4th of October Team CSS conducted a competition under different categories like the most handsome guy, the cutest of all girls, most talkative person etc.

Winners selected by votes from all the employees were given fabulous prizes by the office management. Below are the categories under which competitions were held and the winners:

Most handsome guy
Rajesh Arora
Most Cute Girl
Ekta Sawhney
Beautiful girl
Divya Sharma
Most shy person
Kishan Dutt Bhat
Most Dramatic person
Gaurev Uniyal
Most talkative person
Rajeev Kumar
Most Honest / Sincere person
Sudeep Pillai
Most Hardworking person
Atul Jaiswal

It was certainly a great experience for the entire staff at CSS Delhi, as they confirmed to have more such programmes in the future. “This HR activity brought in a new dimension from the routine work culture in the company as it provided a cheerful environment to the employees” said Rajesh Arora, VP North India. Team Delhi expects other CSS offices too to follow their path.

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