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Lighthouse - January, 2016.

Chairman’s Message

Once again, the beginning of a new year provides yet another moment to look back and extend our warmest gratitude to all those who have stood beside us during 2015.  The past twelve months were truly momentous for all of us at CSS, as we rightly celebrated our 20th anniversary in style.  Nevertheless, looking back also requires that we must keep attentively looking forward.

This is why the theme chosen for our recent strategy meet was ‘innovate and inspire’. It was prompted by my belief that building on knowledge, from past experiences, develops confidence and awareness of one’s responsibilities.  This builds a belief in one’s ability to move forward to achieve greater things.  The concept ‘innovate and inspire’ is, no doubt, amongst one of the toughest challenges business executives face throughout their careers.  To be acknowledged as an innovative and inspiring person is a prestigious accolade.  A talented workforce is a prerequisite for a company’s future success, but this also requires leadership that is driven by innovative thinking. I believe that in order to have an innovative mind you need to design your thinking in a way that is curiously eager to explore opportunities; visualizing and anticipating outcomes.  Combining this approach to learning experiences, with a humility that affords respect to others, is the real ‘innovate and inspire’ in operation.

Our ethos at CSS has attracted people who can lead teams, towards the future, through innovative and inspiring thoughts. We need to ensure we continue to do this. Like the saying goes, ‘life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it’. The solution to a problem might just be your attitude, where innovation and inspiration will undoubtedly direct you along the winning route. My best wishes to all our readers for a promising year ahead.


CSS Group Sales Strategy Meet 2015

CSS sales strategy meet this time was truly Innovative & Inspiring, doing justice to the theme they adopted. This year it was decided by the senior Management and the Chairman of CSS group, to conduct the Sales Strategy meet, a much awaited official meeting amongst the Sales teams of CSS, in the UAE region itself. And hence, CSS Marketing & Corporate communications ventured into the luxurious spaces of the Hilton Al Hamra beach & golf resort at Ras Al Khaimah. The dates chosen were the 20th & 21st of November 2015.

“Innovate & Inspire” being this year’s theme, the main focus of discussion apart from the budget presentations were, the looming market situations and the much feared recession. The Political uncertainty was another concern everyone shared. Brain storming discussions were held for strategizing new ways in exploring the untapped areas, overcoming threats and to achieve company goals for the next year.

The meeting commenced with the announcement which declared the top 10 sales performers of the year 2015. This invited a good round of cheer and applause amongst the participants. Chairman’s message clearly reiterated the need for innovative minds to sail through the bad currents and to achieve goals. This was followed by the budget presentations by the Sales managers and unit heads. CSS Kingston was the latest entrant to the group in this year’s Strategy Meet. Last year’s performance was reviewed and the projections were thoroughly analysed throughout the session. The growth of online markets was a topic of discussion during the concluding session. Even though the market situations are not that much promising, the CSS achievement during the last year and the programmes designed for the New Year gives a clear signal of growth for the overall performance of the company.

Mentioning about the prospective regions for the company like Doha, Muscat etc drew attention from all those who have participated. Day one concluded with the grand dinner and entertainment programmes which included a DJ bash.

Expert Solutions for Automobile Movement

CSS Group shakes hand with Pangaea Cargo GMBH

The CSS Group has recently begun a strategic alliance with Pangaea Cargo GMBH, one of the leading logistics solutions providers globally for vehicle and personal effects transportation. This alliance brings to the Middle East Market a world class door to door solution to the automotive market and their transportation needs.

Pangaea Cargo utilizes the efficient Racking Systems for efficient transportation of all kinds of Automobiles including Bikes in containers. The Steel racking system since its inception has effectively reduced chances of damage to vehicles during transport and is environmentally friendly replacing the traditional Wood Packing that has been used in this mode of transport.  The use of the racking system also allows for various models, make or size to be consolidated into one container, thereby optimizing costs while ensuring integrity of the cargo is maintained.

Pangaea Cargo’s innovation combined with the CSS Group’s infrastructure and expertise in handling automobiles has already proved to be a great success. The throughput of vehicles through the CSS Group’s state of the art CFS has increased significantly since this product was launched commercially. Currently this service is being provided from Jebel Ali, but a road map is being designed to expand this to the rest of the Middle East using the CSS Group’s significant footprint across the Middle East Region.

The CSS Group’s strong presence in the relocation segment of our industry has also been assisted with boosting Pangaea Cargo’s other area of strength, which is removals and relocation. This allows both organizations to promote a one stop, safe and effective solution for household moves including automobiles and bikes.

Thomas Buse

Chief Executive Officer, Pangaea Cargo

We are looking forward to intensifying our exclusive relationship with CSS in Dubai and are proud to have such a well-respected partner on our side, maintaining the high level of quality especially in worldwide car shipping.

Martyna Dzierzynska

General Manager, Pangaea Cargo

Since we have established our alliance with CSS, we had great success on many levels. Not just in the car transportation, also the satisfaction on door to door solution for personal effects from our clients with overwhelming positive feedback has shown us the power of our engagement with CSS.

Benjamin Bartosch

Chief Business Development Officer, Pangaea Cargo

The demand of car transportation needs has always been very sustain from various economy impacts in the Middle East. The Market is very competitive and not comparable with the western market. Therefore it was highly important for us to find the right strategic partner to build an alliance of world class service. CSS has well honored our know-how and shown their capability to implement this knowledge into daily operations. Innovation, sustainability, German standards and environmentalism has been indicating key words for our future and I’m proud to say that this alliance has already truly surpassed all my expectations.

T S Kaladharan

Chairman, CSS Group

CSS Group had always strived to excel in each and every segment of its business from day one onwards. An association with Pangaea is seen with great importance, as we see an expert partner in them who can use CSS’s network strength and our resources in the Middle East effectively to deliver the best to the global competitive market of Automobile movement.

Ajay Krishnan

Sr. General Manager, Freight forwarding, CSS Group

In our industry, if we do not innovate and if we do not continue to bring in new products for our customers we will stagnate. This is where our new association with Pangaea is significant. This technology used to transport vehicles in a safe/ environmentally friendly manner is not common here. We intend to position this as a key product to meet the growing demand in this business vertical here.

Ras Al Khaimah to Abu Dhabi with CSS

The Projects team at CSS Group successfully completed yet another job recently, inviting highest client appreciation. Eight units each of 15 x 5 x 5.10 M weighing 118 tons of Skid Shoe was moved from the Maritime City at Ras Al Khaimah to the NPCC yard in Abu Dhabi. As a usual practice, extensive study and survey was conducted as part of this movement regarding the Origin, destination and the travel route. Each point of the entire project was carefully assessed to ensure a foolproof and smooth journey of the cargo. Multi axle hydraulic trailers were used for the project movement.

Prior permissions were taken and escorts were arranged for the entire route. The entire operation included night movements as well. “We consider each project movement as a chance to learn more and an opportunity to prove our professionalism. The excellent team work displayed by our staff ensures zero percentage stress and pressure for our clients. That could be the reason which made CSS the most sought after name in the field of project movement in the entire Middle East and the Indian sub-continent”, commented Raj George, Senior Vice President, Projects Oil & Energy, CSS Group, after the successful project completion.

FPS AGM at Jakarta

CSS Group representatives attended the recently concluded FPS AGM and conference at Jakarta.
The CSS Group was represented by Siby Kurian, Senior GM, Sales & Marketing and Thomas Mathew, Manager Pricing and Key Information Department, CSS Dubai, Jairam KR, Director, CSS India, Narayan R T, General Manager, CSS Bahrain and Dean Landers, General Manager, CSS Kuwait.
FPS Group – one of the largest and longest-established forwarding groups in the world – is to change its constitution to allow multiple memberships in each territory. The decision was reached at this year’s AGM and Conference, which took place in Jakarta, Indonesia, and was attended by representatives of the network’s global membership.
Advisory Board Chairman Sam Aparo, co-owner of one of the network’s founding members, told delegates that the original FPS Group policy of one member per country was no longer the best model. Although it had been very successful since its launch in 1998, “The strength we once had is now our weakness,” he said.
“If we have multiple members in each market, it means we all have multiple choices. It’s not just more members, it’s also about quality and additional opportunities. We should not be afraid of competition,” he continued.
“Networking at the FPS AGM and conference always provides an opportunity to meet new members from some of the geographical regions where we do think about exploring in the near future and hence CSS finds it very fruitful to be at this gathering” commented Siby Kurian.
FPS will also embark on an aggressive expansion programme in 2016, to fill gaps in its existing geographic coverage. Speaking after the conference, Sam Aparo added: “2016 is the year of expansion for our network. We have a tremendous and unrivalled asset in the quality, size, reputation and business base of FPS Group. New members will immediately benefit from this, as well as opening up new opportunities for the whole group.”
Aparo added that there had never been a better time for agents to join a quality network, enabling them to counteract falling margins with increased reciprocal sales and more professional marketing. “There is strength in numbers; both more effective marketing, and the opportunity to share its costs over a larger number of participants.”
“In a very uncertain global economic scenario we face, it’s extremely important to have regular overhauling of your contacts to keep the business lively and aggressive. CSS India has always utilised the opportunity of interacting at the FPS, from day one onwards and we have found it very useful” mentioned Jairam K R.

Emirates Skycargo’s Mainland China Network Expands

Emirates will expand its services in mainland China from May 3, 2016 with four weekly flights to Yinchuan and Zhengzhou, adding 56-tonnes of bellyhold cargo capacity to Emirates SkyCargo’s network.

The additions of Yinchuan and Zhengzhou expand Emirates’ offering on the mainland to five, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Yinchuan serves as a gateway connecting China to Arab countries and is positioned as a hub for economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchange between China and the Middle East.

Zhengzhou is an educational, technological and economic centre and the second largest city in central China. Its strategic location has enabled the city to become one of the largest economic hubs in the country.

“With the opening of these new strategic routes, Emirates looks forward to contributing to the enhancement of China’s trade links with the rest of the world, in particular with the UAE and Arab world,” said Shaikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, president of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, chairman of Emirates airline and CEO of the Emirates Group.

“We believe the new international air links will help create tourism and trade opportunities for Chinese business and leisure travellers that may not otherwise exist,” he added.

Emirates flights to Yinchuan and Zhengzhou will depart every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from Dubai as EK326 at 2.45am, arriving at Yinchuan Hedong International Airport at 1.35pm.

The service will then depart from Yinchuan at 3.20pm and arrive at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport at 5pm. The return flight, EK327, will depart Zhengzhou at 9.10pm, arriving at Yinchuan at 10.55pm.

It will then depart Yinchuan at 12.40am, arriving in Dubai at 4.30am the next day.

A three-class configured Boeing 777-200LR airliner will operate the service, carrying up to 266 passengers and 14 tonnes in bellyhold cargo capacity.

Popular commodities expected to be transported on these services include electronics, such as mobile phones from Zhengzhou, and agricultural products such as goji berries and cashmere from Yinchuan.

Courtesy: Arabian Supply Chain

France Fines Express Operators €672m

Twenty express logistics companies have been fined a total of more than €672 million (£490m) by the French Competition Authority for price fixing between 2004 and 2010.

The largest fine was for Geodis at €196m, while Chronopost was fined €99m. Other companies fined include:

DHL Express France: €81m

TNT Express France: €58m

GLS France (Royal Mail): €55m

DPD France: €45m

Dachser France: €33m

Gefco: €31m

The competition authority (Autorité de la Concurrence) said the companies had agreed on annual price increases at meetings which took place at the TLF trade association between September 2004 and September 2010.

The companies involved are: Alloin, BMVirolle, Chronopost, Exapaq (now DPD France) Ciblex France, Dachser France, DHL Express France, FedEx Express France, Gefco, Geodis, GLS France, Heppner, Lambert et Vallette, XP France, Norbert Dentressangle Distribution, Normatrans, Jewel-Schenker (now Schenker France), TNT Express France, Transport Henri Ducros, Ziegler France.

Kuehne + Nagel acquired the Alloin Group in 2009. In a statement K+N said: “Regarding the fine of €32 million for the Alloin Group, approximately €31m are attributable to the time before the acquisition of the Alloin Group by Kuehne + Nagel.

“Kuehne + Nagel dissociates itself from such business practises, has a comprehensive compliance programme in place, which is continuously improving, and has been cooperating with the French Competition Authority since 2010. Kuehne + Nagel is reviewing all options, including an appeal against the decision as well as a recourse against the sellers.”

Royal Mail has also issued a statement saying that by agreeing not to contest the allegations and provide compliance commitments, Royal Mail has benefited from a reduction in the French competition authority’s fine to €55.1 million (£40.2 million).

TNT said it had co-operated with the investigation since it started in 2010. “During the third quarter of 2014, TNT entered into a settlement agreement with the FCA and booked a provision of €50 million in relation to this matter. TNT will review the merits of the decision.”

United Heavy Lift Middle East Launched its Operations

United Heavy Lift Germany launched its operations in the Middle East by participation at the Break Bulk Middle East Exhibition and conference recently concluded in Abu Dhabi. A special Mena Regional Office launch function and event was also held for key and potential customers in this market whereby over 100 VIP guests were entertained at a special venue in Abu Dhabi.

UHL was Founded in February 2015 by Mr. Lars Rolner, who has held various executive roles in the heavy lift industry for more than 30 years to accommodate the unique requirements of various clients

United Heavy Lift’s team  provide individual and innovative solutions for heavy lift transports. An experienced team of engineers, naval architects and other specialists provide a wide range of services to ensure safe and efficient operations.

They currently have a fleet of 14 vessels, with up to 800 ton lifting capacity, in commercial management.

The reason for the UHL’s participation in this year’s Break Bulk event in Abu Dhabi and Mena region set up in Dubai is in line with UHL’s strategy to be close to key clients and markets, hence UHL recently established a representative office in Dubai to cover the entire Middle East region in close cooperation with UHL’s headquarters in Hamburg.

The Reason for this is for UHL to Develop Sales and Brand UHL in the Mena region as well as add value to the UHL Global Network.

Adani Begins Work on International Transshipment Project at Vizhinjam

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone (APSEZ), India’s largest port developer and part of the Adani Group, has started development of India’s first international transhipment project in Vizhinjam, Kerala. It shall be completed within the stipulated time period of four years.

Oommen Chandy, chief minister of Kerala, along with Union Minister for Transport, Highways and Shipping, Nitin Gadkari, chairman of Adani Group, Gautam Adani and other dignitaries from the Government of Kerala laid the foundation stone at the ground breaking ceremony at the proposed international port site in Vizhinjam. The project will be Kerala’s first ever deep water container transhipment port.

Speaking on the occasion, Gautam Adani, Chairman, Adani Group, said, “We are honoured by the trust bestowed on us by the Government of Kerala. Developing India’s first international deepwater seaport project in a record time of just one thousand days is another opportunity for us to fulfill our commitment to Nation Building. Given Vizhinjam’s access to prominent international waterways, the project will be a significant catalyst in positioning India strategically as a global transhipment hub. It will also help us in accelerating our journey towards achieving our vision of annually handling 200 million tons of cargo by 2020.”

Government Supports Financial Assistance for ‘Make in India’ Ship Building

In order to promote the shipbuilding industry under the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the Cabinet approved a proposal for financial assistance of 20 per cent for ships built in the country.

The implementation of the policy, which would be in force for 10 years, requires a budgetary support of Rs 4,000 crore. “It includes a policy for grant of financial assistance to shipyards, after delivery of ship, to counter cost disadvantages at 20 per cent of the contract price or the fair price, whichever is lower; such assistance is to be reduced at 3 per cent every three years and will be given for all types of ships,” the official statement said. The proposal also includes grant of a Right of First Refusal for Indian shipyards for government purchases; tax incentives and grant of infrastructure status for shipbuilding and ship repair industry.

When Containers Become a Bit More Romantic

Ben’s unique marriage proposal at CSS

Asking for a woman’s hand in marriage is one of the most important things a man will probably do in his life. Therefore, a good deal of consideration should be put into the timing and setting of this event. Thinking of creative marriage proposal ideas is tough and one of a kind proposal can be very hard to think of. We have seen and read many times in our life of people around the world exploring different, sometimes insanely expensive ways to propose marriage to their partners. Often times it is the the unique ones that take the headlines of News papers. One such unique proposals happened last week, showing that the logistics business can be more than what we know it to be!

Recently, The CSS Group helped organize a unique proposal for an industry friend and associate of the company, Ben of Pangaea. Ben a long time friend of CSS group, wanted to make his proposal  unique while relevant to the industry where his partner Martyna works in. He came up with an idea to do this inside a container. He shared his thoughts with Kala, Chairman of CSS group, who didn’t need to think twice to make this real. Arrangements were immediately made at the Jebel Ali office with all CSS staff sharing the same excitement of Ben.

A container was organized at one of the loading bays at the CSS Group Jebel Ali facility, the décor was done in-house by the CSS team. Cupcakes and flowers were arranged and Martyna was invited, albeit, without a clue as to what was to unfold. It was a truly romantic and unique event, attended by CSS Staff and the CSS Group Chairman.

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