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T S Kaladharan

‘You can’t always get what you want’ is the opening line from one of my personal favourite songs by The Rolling Stones. One of the tracks on their 1969 album, it is the second line which provides the encouraging answer. ‘But if you try sometimes you might find….You get what you need’. Does this sentiment strike a chord with you? Does it make you assess your approach to challenges? It is true to say that sometimes we need to accept life’s realities to understand more deeply what drives us. Our aspirations need to be forefront in our minds so as to give us the driving spirit which enables us to grow in life. We all need to try to stand any chance of succeeding.

Not only in our personal lives, but also in a business environment, we all need aspirations to motivate and focus our efforts. It is therefore pleasing to learn that our marketing department has confirmed that the aspirations of the Lighthouse team have been recognised. An amazing response from Lighthouse readers provides confirmation of the interest generated by news items and features showcased in our magazine. A good corporate magazine reflects and echoes the views and interests of its staff. We may all help Lighthouse build on its success by letting them know our views. Included in this edition is a survey form for those who haven’t completed the online survey. Your comments and suggestions will be particularly welcomed. Lighthouse belongs to all of us so I would like to extend, on behalf of Lighthouse, their gratitude for your patronage. Like all of us, I look forward to continuing to read informed, stimulating, and interesting news and features in Lighthouse.

Unparalleled Service Guaranteed

CSS Group has made remarkable progress in the Indian Sub-continent last year with a well reputed brand identity. Console Shipping Services India Pvt. Ltd. is today one of the front runners and a respectable brand within Shipping and Logistics. CSS India operates as three major regions namely Northern, Central and Southern regions which control major cities and gateway ports in their respective domains. Delhi being the centre at North India is progressing under Rajesh Arora, Vice President North India. CSS North Indian operations are evenly spread out with deep roots of business in-lanes created through Punjab, Haryana and other manufacturing centres of the Northern Region. “The demand for Logistics services has been largely driven by the remarkable growth of the Indian economy. The growth cannot be judged with any short term situation, but it is totally dependent on the infrastructural development and the policies adopted by the government. CSS India has got aspirations in gaining greater momentum in the region” Commented Rajesh Arora.

Mumbai takes control of the Central Indian sector which is led by Rahat Talreja, Vice President Central India. CSS has seen a steady growth in its central Indian operations over the past years. The remarkable progress in the export segment and projects has attracted major brands to CSS. Currently the annual logistics cost of the world is estimated at about USD3.5 trillion. India spends around 14.4% of its GDP on logistics and transportation as compared to less than 8% by the other developing countries. Indian freight transport market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.35% by 2020 driven by the growth in the manufacturing, retail, FMCG and e-commerce sectors. “CSS India will see a commendable growth in the year 2017-18. We are mainly focussing on relationship marketing which is by far the most important thing required. The overall prospects for the logistics segment in the country are promising as well” mentioned Rahat.

Economic reforms, trade cooperation, improved transportation infrastructure, and industrial growth is ushering in increasing opportunities for the logistics service providers (LSPs) in India. Presently, the Indian logistics industry is witnessing development and expansion of its existing infrastructure, emergence of e-commerce specific logistics solutions, has a strong focus on manufacturing, but also has a large presence of unorganized service providers.

Console Shipping Services towards the Southern region is headquartered in Chennai under the able leadership of Sudarshan who is the Vice President and T K Vishwanath General Manager. South has recently witnessed some commendable achievements in the field of Projects Movement, especially Machinery. “It is a welcome initiative from the Government of India to create freight corridors and Logistics Park in the National Highways. Southern region, where the infrastructural developments are by far the best compared to the other parts of the country, will greatly benefit from this new development” commented Sudarshan.

Console Shipping Services commenced its services in the year 2004 from Tirupur, Tuticorin and Coimbatore which got further expanded in the year 2007. Today, Console shipping services India, with its strategic positioning at all the gateway ports of the country, is capable of handling all types of logistics movement both Imports and exports from any remotest part of the country.

CSS Oman on the Move

CSS Group management officially announced the commencement of their operations from the Sultanate of Oman. The company registered under the name of Comprehensive Consolidated Trade and Shipping L.L.C. is located in Muscat. With an aim of offering professional services in shipping & logistics, CCTS has inducted operational staff with hands on experience for handling the different departments and well experienced field staff for sales and marketing. CCTS, being a part of CSS Group will gain access to the impressive global network of CSS and thereby offer logistics movement to any part of the globe with ease.
CSS Oman will be offering end to end logistics solution from the country with its own infrastructure and a pool of trained team. Sultanate of Oman is going through a huge transformation stage in each and every sector. The influence of the Government in the infrastructural development is a key factor to assume that the Shipping & Logistics business is going to be highly prospective in this region. According to Frost & Sullivan, the logistics industry in Oman is likely to grow at a CAGR of 6.9% between 2015 & 2020. “Bringing up CSS Oman to the level of other offices of the group seems to be really challenging and encouraging at the same time. I am sure, with the team of professionals and the enthusiasm we have it is going to be a reality very soon. The support we have from the local authorities too is quite commendable” said Renjith Pillai, General Manager, CSS Oman
CSS Group who plays a key role in the 3PL service solutions in the Middle East will have considerable role to play in the Warehousing services in the Oman region. The well established and fully equipped 3PL facilities in the Sohar will be a great advantage for CSS Oman to establish its network amongst the industry players. The key drivers for economic growth in Oman are the infrastructure investments associated with the national logistics development plans, economic diversification efforts, and trade with the GCC, Asia and Sub-Saharan African countries.
CSS Group with an impressive service in the Middle East for more than Two decades in Shipping and Logistics is highly optimistic with the business in Sultanate of Oman. The trusted global partners and network agents of the group are sure to play a vital role in bringing up CSS Oman from its infancy, quickly.

DP World Visits CSS Regional Head Quarters

CSS Group Regional Headquarters had a VIP visit last month. Mr. Abdulla Damithan, Director Commercial Department & Mr Shahab Al Jassmi, Deputy Director- Commercial Department, DP World visited the new Consolidated Shipping Services facilities in the Jebel Ali Free zone. The visit was organised, on an invitation extended by the Vice President, Freight forwarding of CSS Group, Ajay Krishnan after the new Regional Head Quarters of CSS Group, got inaugurated. Guests arrived in the afternoon and were received by T S Kaladharan, Chairman, CSS Group along with Chandrakala (CK) Director, Operations & Ocean freight and Ajay Krishnan. Raj George, Sr. VP, Projects, Oil and Energy was present during the occasion.

“We are pleased to meet our long time committed customers, Consolidated Shipping Services, and visit the CSS Headquarters and their Container Freight Station in Jebel Ali Free Zone. We welcome the significant capacity expansion the CSS Group has made with additional warehouse facility.  The CSS Group is a proven partner of DP World in our mission to enable trade across the MENA and Indian subcontinent regions for over two decades. DP World, UAE Region looks forward to an even more productive future working with the CSS Group to build and support trade to and from Dubai and contribute to enhance Dubai’s position as the preferred trading hub of the Middle East” mentioned Mr. Abdulla Damithan.

The visiting officials of DP World discussed various topics of business with the CSS Management team and took a detailed look at the CFS facilities within the area. “Being an integral part of the logistics fraternity in the region, it was an honor to receive the DP World representatives at our facility. During the course of the discussion it was good to know that we share a common agenda when it comes to professionalism in the field of shipping and logistics” commented Chandrakala.

DP World is one of the largest marine terminal operators in the world, a portfolio of 77 operating marine and inland terminals supported by over 50 related businesses in 40 countries across six continents with a significant presence in both high-growth and mature markets. A dedicated team of over 37,000 employees from 110 countries cultivates long-standing relationships with governments, shipping lines, importers and exporters, communities, and many other important constituents of the global supply chain, to add value and provide quality services today and tomorrow.

“A pleasure to have received DPW to our new facility. The CSS Group is keen on working closely with DP world to ensure we maintain consistencies in thoughts and objectives across our region” mentioned Ajay. CSS Group with its vast network in the Middle East and the Indian Sub-continent enjoys a warm and cordial relationship with ports and shipping lines across the globe and DP world needs a special mention when it comes to professional logistics management and knowledge sharing processes.

Project Movement at CSS Kingston Logistics

The Projects team at CSS Kingston Logistics FZC, Sharjah successfully moved a Sewage Intake Pump Discharge Header recently. The cargo was moved on a 20mt flat low bed trailer from its origin at Ras Al Khaimah, UAE to the destination at Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia. As is the practice, extensive study and survey was conducted as part of this movement regarding the Origin, destination and the travel route. Each point of the entire project was carefully assessed to ensure a fool proof and smooth journey of the cargo. “We were extremely delighted to have this movement successfully completed within the stipulated time. An extensive study on every inch of the operation made this journey a success. We are thankful to the authorities at the origin and destination for the timely arrangements of all documents” said Thomas Mathew, Branch Manager, CSS Kingston Logistics.
The weight of the cargo was 32 tons with a dimension of 20.6M x 3.2M x 4.475M and this was moved from United Arab Emirates to the destination at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 5 days under strict supervisions of experienced staff and transporters of CSS Group. All prior permissions were in place for the entire project movement.

Congrats Hassan

A unique honor reached CSS Group through their Public Relations Officer Hassan Haji. Government Services, TAS-HEEL has awarded Certificate of Appreciation to Hassan Haji for Best Public Relation Manager recently. A veteran in the field of public relations and liaison activities within the UAE Hassan Haji Ghuloom Haji is working with CSS Group since 2002. Hassan is instrumental in handling the Visa formalities and statutory activities of the company and its staff members. “It is a great honor to have this appreciation from Tas-heel. Public Relation is an activity where you have to be pleasant and pleasing always and I believe that it is a skill rather than a job. CSS has always cared and considered their staff and I am proud to be with CSS Group, all these years,” commented Hassan while talking about the honor.

Hassan Haji is a well-known personality in the field of basketball in the UAE. Since 1990 he is an International referee with FIBA (Federation of International Basketball Association) & the UAE Basketball federation. Hassan has controlled 400 games in Asia, Arab & GCC tournaments as a refree which includes Dubai league as well. He was awarded Best referee of UAE for the Dubai league. CSS Group congratulates Hassan Haji on his achievement.

Storage is not an Issue

The CSS Group’s focus on expanding the 3PL vertical has not been just a flash in the pan idea; it has been a strategy in the offing for a while now. Today, the CSS Group offers our customers 10 different options or facilities across the UAE – covering temperature controlled, regular storage, standard racking & Open yard services.

A challenging market environment brings with it a need to reduce costs; an effective 3PL solution allows our customers to focus on their core business while working with us to assist in improving their bottom lines, through solutions. Off course our economy of scale achieved from the investments made in the 3PL vertical, allows for this to happen.

This logic applies during economic growth and economic contraction alike. During a period of growth – the requirement for efficient inventory management and equity management often drives increased reliance on 3PL providers for strategic solutions. Similarly during a phase of market contraction, the pressure to drive down logistics costs, conversely, increases reliance on 3PL providers to provide the same, but at the other end of the spectrum.

At CSS, we have committed ourselves to the growth we foresee in the Middle Marker Segment, comprising of SMEs – manufacturers and distributors alike. Traditionally it has been the small and medium segment that has been slow to utilize outsourced 3PL solutions; our intent is to customize solutions specifically for this segment. For this, infrastructure development is essential. Our Investments in state of the art technology to equip our facilities to handle all aspects of Micro Logistics is in place. While upgrades or new investments to boost our capacity are very much part of our business development dashboard.

CSS Group 3PL solutions & services are available at:

  • Jebel Ali Free Zone– Separate and dedicated facilities for Covered and Open Yard storage
  • Al Quoz – Racked Facility with dedicated personal effects & self-storage capabilities
  • Nad Al Hammar- Temperature controlled & fully racked storage facility
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone– Temperature Controlled & racked storage facility
  • Dubai Airport Cargo Village– Semi racked storage facility
  • SAIF Zone, Sharjah– Separate and dedicated facilities for covered (racked and non-racked) & Open Yard requirements
  • Mussafah, Abudhabi– Warehouse Facility (Racked)
  • Sohar – Mixed Use Warehouse Facility – DG cargo approved, Customs bonded facility within Sohar Free Zone.
  • Bahrain – Mixed Use Warehouse Facility

Moving Cryogenic Tanks

CSS Chennai successfully handled one major movement of cryogenic tanks recently. During the first week of December 2016 the project was awarded to the CSS office and subsequently they received the confirmation to handle the project. An extensive study was conducted regarding the movement of the units and clearances needed in place for the movement of the 18 ton cargo with the volume specification of 03 x 40 OT and 01 x 40 FR. The scope of work included the cargo being taken out from the factory and moved all the way to the port through the congested city of Chennai. The climate too was totally adverse for the movement due to civil and political unrest during the time in the city of Chennai. “Chennai team of CSS did a commendable job in tacking all adversities and moving this cargo with utmost precision and care. I feel proud for my team” commented Sudarshan, Vice President, CSS South India.

Highly experienced team of professionals from the CSS Chennai office did study the inch by inch movement details that needed to be carried out. The cargo was meticulously lashed on to flat rack trailers with all precautions ready in hand. Finally the cargo which needed to be shipped to its final destination of Buenos Aires, reached safely, the port of Chennai to be loaded on to the vessel.

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Enforcement of DIFC Judgment in Ras Al Khaimah Courts

On 12 December, 2016 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Dubai International Financial Centre (hereinafter referred as “DIFC”) and Ras Al Khaimah (hereinafter referred to as “RAK”) Free Trade Zone Authority, RAK Investment Authority and RAK International Corporate Centre to enhance the efficient enforcement of the Judgment and / or Orders pronounced by the DIFC Courts.

Enforcement of DIFC Judgment in RAK Courts
Ras Al Khaimah aka RAK is one of the seven Emirates in United Arab Emirates. It is also one of the three Emirates which has their own Court System. The jurisdiction of these courts is set out in the UAE Constitution and the UAE Civil Procedure Law. Further, RAK Court has an independent legal system like the Dubai Courts and the entire proceedings in the Court including the documents to be submitted the Court are to be in Arabic Language.

The DIFC Courts are established under the Dubai Law No. 9 of 2004 and is an independent Common Law Judiciary based in the Dubai International Financial Centre with jurisdiction governing civil and commercial disputes. Further, unlike the other courts in the UAE, the language used in the proceedings of DIFC Courts is in English.

With the signing of this MoU, the companies that comes under the authority of RAK, can have the disputes resolved by the DIFC Courts and can enforce the English Judgment issued by the DIFC Courts through RAK Courts. However, in order to enable this provision the Agreement entered into by the parties shall explicitly contain the clause for DIFC Jurisdiction. All the RAK Government bodies, companies, Investors and individuals shall utilise this provision in their Agreements.

Registration of Will
Previously in May 2016, the Dubai Government had framed a new rule allowing all Non Muslim expatriates to register their Will in Dubai. In order to provide these services, the Government has even formed the Will and Probate Registry, a public entity of the Dubai Governement and an ancillary body of the DIFC’s Dispute Resolution Authority (DRA). This rule had been designed to protect the assets in Dubai.

However, pursuant to the new MoU signed between DIFC and RAK authorities, the above facility has been extended to those who have assets in RAK. The party who has asset in RAK can share the details with the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry about their shares, they own in any company or partnership firms in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. They can also attach the business licences also to the Registered Will.

The DIFC Wills and Probate registry may share these information pertaining to the business licences and / or property with the RAK authorities like RAK Free Zone Authority, RAK Investment Authority, and RAK International Corporate Centre. Since, only the DIFC Courts have the exclusive jurisdiction over estates and succession for Wills which have been registered with DIFC Wills and Probate Registry, if the Testator passes away, the appointed executor may approach the DIFC Court for a Probate Court Order appointing him as the executor and allowing him to execute the Will, administer the estate and distribute assets to the beneficiaries. The probate order thus issued by the Court shall contain the powers and duties of the executor in relation to the deceased’s succession.

Further in order to carry out the execution of the Will, the executor shall present the “Execution writ” by the DIFC Courts to the Ras Al Khaimah Courts. The authorities as mentioned in the above paragraphs shall execute the Will without any delay on accordance with the applicable laws of RAK. However, there shall be applicable fees to be paid in this regard.

Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, the ruler of the RAK Emirate, while signing the MoU has stated that “We understand that we live today in a World where not everybody speaks Arabic Language. We are proud of our language, but we are human beings. ……What we want to do is allow businesses, people who live here, to feel comfortable that they can speak as well in English”. Sooner or later the words of Sheikh Saud Bin Sagr Al Qasimi would come true since the three above mentioned Authorities are there to support the transformation and improving the business environment and thereby attracting foreign investors and business entities to Ras Al Khaimah.

Training at CSS Mumbai

The staff at CSS Mumbai witnessed a unique training session recently. The pens and pads they carried to the conference room proved to be of no use when the training started. It was all about Martial arts and self-defence techniques. Even though the session brought in surprises and beaming smiles on faces, in the hind sight, everyone agrees that the training they got was one of the most important lessons which the time demands in India.

The training was led by Ganesh Padyachi, Business Development Manager, CSS Mumbai. Ganesh is formally trained in Martial Arts. “Self –defence is a must learned lesson for everyone. As the crime rates are soaring high in our country, we need to equip ourselves to protect our body from abuses” mentioned Ganesh. The training was conducted in two batches and covered areas like personality development, thinking style and self-help techniques as well.

Lucky Winner

As part of our continuous commitment to the freight forwarding fraternity, CSS initiated a thank you scheme over 9 years ago, whereby one lucky name out of the scores of business cards that are dropped into the raffle bowls placed at the Delivery Order Counter will be rewarded with a gift.

The winner picked selected and rewarded for the months from January- February 2017 was Varghese Thomas from Bareeq Al Mas Cargo who walked away with Gift voucher worth AED 200 from Lulu presented by Rejani S Pillai, HR Co-ordinator, CSS Dubai

Cricketing Veterans of CSS

CSS Group’s two senior staff members played this year’s Veteran’s Premier League held in Wayand, Kerala. Fida Asghar & Hareesh Haridas, two well-known names in the Cricketing circuits of Kerala & the UAE played for two different teams. While Fida Asghar played for the Absolute Sobers, Hareesh played with Kochi Royals. Interestingly both the team entered the finals after the league matches.

About KVCA

Kerala Veterans Cricket Association – a fraternity of former state cricketers was formed as early as 1995. Affiliated to the Board of Veterans Cricket in India, the KVCA has been extremely active with its cricket tours to almost all cricket-playing countries, hosting, conducting international & national level tournaments and also playing a constructive role in the development of cricket in the state. Presently, KVCA has over 200 members comprising national and international cricketers, celebrities and sports administrators.

CSS had always patronised Cricket in the UAE and played a commendable role in promoting cricketing talents from the local and international levels. Fida Asghar, Team Manager of the NVOCC department in CSS Dubai, is a first class cricketer. Hareesh Haridas has a wonderful track record of playing major league matches in the UAE and India and is a leading batsman who works in the capacity of Manager in Supply Chain department of CSS Dubai.

Failure Leads To Success

You may have it heard said that successful people don’t have failures. They view all events as a learning process towards achieving their goals. If this is the case why is there growing criticism that younger industry talent seem to have lots of knowledge and qualifications but lack the fire to grow their career? Could it be that they lack an ability, to take time, to assess failure as a step towards promotion and success? Whilst mistakes and ill-fortune happen, talented people demonstrate their real skills and true metal; by the way they mitigate such events, possibly turning them into an advantage.

So what, if anything, has given rise to this situation?

Well, turn the clock back only forty years and you’ll find a time when the principle source of learning general communication skills came from within a family. Meals, where all generations ate and interacted together, were a regular feature. Values, traditions, customs, courtesy, social and verbal skills were passed onto younger family members. They were then able to develop them as appropriate for their generation.

But the internet has changed everything. Its phenomenal growth has overtaken what was usually slow social development and replaced it with a potential for an immediate global response. News from all corners of the world impacts on us 24/7. ‘YouTube’, ‘SnapChat’, ‘WhatsApp’, ‘FaceBook’ and ‘Twitter’ are just some of the current social media resources which influence and create social trends. These are outside what were our usual family, community, state and even a Country’s ethos and ambience.

Our younger generation is being influenced in a way which has never happened before. Yes, all generations are impacted by these changes in communication but the great difference is that the older generations have more experience to deal with them. The values of parents invariably influenced their children. This aspect has now, in many societies, been subjugated by what youngsters learn from social media. Values are learnt from the internet which question and challenge views being taught by parents.

Considering this background and applying it in the workplace focuses minds on the way different generations react. Whereas the middle-range and upper-management, generally in their youth, were used to having at least 30 seconds to consider an issue, (as demonstrated by the length of television adverts), today social media and interaction is often limited to 5 seconds. No time for thinking, just an immediate reaction. This is often why tweets and emails sent, with a quick click, lead to instant regret. What is needed, especially in business, is forward planning and considered responses. However this flies in the face of the social environment in which today’s students find themselves. On one hand at university, being required to study for their degrees and on the other hand, being expected by their peers to give fast responses. Clearly there is a potential conflict as it is not realistically possible to completely separate social skills from business skills. They are all part and parcel of the same thing – an ability to communicate and take decisions.

There is also a growing tendency for educators being encouraged to highlight the uniqueness of students. Unfortunately if you focus on believing you are unique, especially when a team member, it has a tendency to set you apart from others. A belief in uniqueness impacts on a person’s assertive nature. Everyone has their own particular unique talent. This needs to be nurtured but not at the expense of it becoming an excuse for lack of success. The claim that ‘YOU’ didn’t nurture my unique talent enough, as a means of blaming others for one’s own failure, is not a sustainable proposition. However it’s a view which can comfort those who lack motivation and determination.

This brings us back to our opening question. The growing criticism, about younger industry talent seeming to have lots of knowledge and qualifications but lacking the fire to grow their career, needs to be addressed. This is an important consideration for a company determined to build on its success. Once we realise and accept how rapidly changing social media has altered the way different generations interact; planning, training, encouraging and coaching younger staff members, within a company’s ethos, can be seen as ‘must have’ approach. Undoubtedly it will add invaluable corporate value to a workforce.

Youth brings a vibrancy that companies need. How a company benefits from this is going to be judged on the way intergenerational trust can be fostered and developed. Personality, assertiveness, bargaining and negotiation skills cannot be successful asserted if they are limited by social media experiences. Short attention spans limit an ability to see beyond failures towards a successful horizon. Herein lies the challenge for a progressive company – how to unlock the social media box and encourage younger talent to take control of their own vibrant potential to flourish.

Seeking What We Can Never Receive and Receiving When We Stop Seeking

Rahat Talreja
Vice President – CSS India

This article is not about business or economics in its conventional way. But the world is run by people and so whatever is going on within people affects commerce and trade as well. So this is my license to write this article in a business journal.

What is it that you always seek?
Peace or Stress ?
Sorrow or Happiness ?
Poverty or Wealth ?
Love or Hatred ?
And so on ….
Ask yourself.

The conventional and obvious answer is the “ better “ looking feeling wether Peace, Happiness, Wealth, Love etc Don’t you remember the several messages you receive and forward on occasions like Diwali, Eid, Christmas seeking the above for you?

But now ask : Which is more powerful and Think. ( this is keeping your mind silent and tongue silent and letting your mind and energy go on a deeper plain ) the definition was important because we are talking more and thinking less these days

The more powerful thing is the one which is omnipresent and the one we are seeking is eluding us always or not visible.

So Stress is present always, peace is to be found
Sorrow is a larger reality, happiness is a wish
Let me give you an example.

All religions, leaders of peace, humanity etc always talked and worked for “ Equality “

Many centuries have passed. Is the world equal ? Need I answer this no brainer? Can I actually say that inequality was always there and is there and will always be there. What happens is that we make the omnipresent reality a bad word and then seek the opposite of it always

But lets be humble to accept that “If the maker of the universe thought that inequality was not required, it would not be there. Simple. Period.”

So if equality is not there – it had to be like this. The issue is our doubt and distrust and non acceptance of the realities around us.

People may argue that what ought to be there, wouldn’t always be.

But just do simple observation. No intelligence required.

The maker didn’t want a cat giving birth to a human, does it ? it doesn’t

The maker didn’t want the ocean to cross its line at the beach, does it ? it doesn’t

But unequal – it wanted . And it did. We cant decipher why so we keep seeking the other end of it. And fail. Till date.

No eye image, no thumb impression, no toe print in the world is equal. So what else should be?

So i come back to the main point of this article. By illustrating the example on equality, I want to simply say that what is present is actually the powerful reality and not the opposite of it. The issue is we make a bad word out of it and keep trying to rotate it. We are actually masters at making bad words out of situations. The two eyed approach. The dual aspect approach.

Without realising that:

Only after stress, deep stress, the peace is recognised – the absence of stress.

Only after sorrow, deep sorrow, happiness is recognised, the absence of sorrow.

The stress is the womb on which peace grows

The sorrow is the womb on which happiness grows

So now I request you all to stop making bad words out of realities.

And accept reality.

And then see what happens.

Once you are ok with stress, the value of seeking peace will go away.

Once you are ok with inequality, the value of seeking equality will go away.

And as every aspect of reality is accepted in its own form, the effort, pain and journey to make the opposite happen will end. Because your starting and ending point will be the same. You will be the 1st and last in the race because the race will never happen. Because now, you have stopped judging everything in dual aspect.

I remember a hilarious situation. Just before a company’s results are out, there are analyst expectations and then if the results are lower than that, people react negatively to it.

But the result is the reality, the expectation is above it. Funny isn’t it.

Another example is in eating. Rich food and Poor food. You eat as you can afford. But what does it result into? If you eat the food of the poor you never get the diseases of the rich. But one strives to get from poverty to richness and misses the mirage.

The article needs to end like this. Understand carefully.

In continuation to my own point that the actual reality is omnipresent and we make a bad word of it and seek the other opposite end. ( Inequality the reality and equality the opposite)

But the reality is also that we do it. This making a bad word if it and seeking the other end. So if it is like this, so be it. My article and its points stand validated only if they stand cancelled. I hope the confusion has bought you clarity on a deeper point.

If not, turn the page and ignore this article, its as simple.