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Chairman’s Message

November, 2018

Chairman’s Message

As usual October is a vibrant month for the CSS Sales because it is when they specifically focus on their internal preparations, for the forthcoming Strategy Meet. The last 22 years have seen similar processes and preparations but, as always, our people display an enthusiastic spirit in their planning and actions. Consequently, the time of the year has arrived for all of us, at CSS, to sit together and review what we have achieved through our previous strategy and formulate new key plans to move ahead.

By carefully analysing the current business climate there is reason to be optimistic because there are some welcome upbeat indicators. The world business scenario is progressing in a way that justifies our confidence for the months ahead. To take advantage of these positive changes, we need to better equip ourselves with invigorated stratagems and programmes. It’s almost needless to say, that our annual Strategy Meet has always played a pivotal role in formulating novel and ingenious ideas for action. Once again, I encourage, and anticipate, innovative concepts and proposals being originated within our discussion at the Strategy meet.

Looking more immediately to the future, it’s indeed a pleasure to be able to announce that CSS operations will be commencing soon from Colombo in Sri Lanka. Expanding our services, and as a consequence our horizons, are events which make aspirations come true. By sailing forward, in such a manner, we are expanding our horizons in a way which will turn our corporate dreams into reality. Our future is looking bright.

September, 2018


‘Righteousness’ was a word which former India President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam used in most of his speeches. Its frequent use made me ponder on the meaning which may be defined as, ‘a quality of being morally correct and justifiable’. It helped me recognise that in our lives, both personal and professional, there are situations where we have to take decisions that may not be so comfortable for everyone. I have personally found myself, many times, in such a dilemma. The way forward is to remember the concept of ‘righteousness’. When we are able to justify our thoughts and decisions as being right, we should not hesitate in taking the initiative. I have never delayed acting decisively about an issue which is correct and good for the larger group.
My observations indicate that a large majority are reluctant to be as quickly and effectively resolute, especially when bold decisions are needed.
Their biggest problem seems to be that they don’t have the courage to say, “No”. I have always found that if one strongly disapproves of something then there is little point in trying to appease others by saying, “Yes”. To do so will not only destroy yourself mentally but also weaken your self-esteem. Why do others find it so troublesome to say, “No”?
It is because there is a fear of rejection, not being liked by others or anxious at having to perhaps stand-alone upholding what you believe?
Whatever feeds such reluctance can be assuaged by remembering Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s concept and start acting with ‘righteousness’. The more you do so the more you will be prepared and confident to take meaningful decisions, for the good of others and your own well-being.
This latter sentiment is so appropriate when we realise the tragedy that has unfolded in my home state of Kerala. The relentless force of nature’s floods has brought disaster and heartbreak. “For the good of others and your own well-being”, provides a mantra spurring all to wholeheartedly join in supporting efforts to help the rescue services and provide succour for those in need.
I pledge to do all I am able to do to assist others in their time of great need. I express my sincere prayers on behalf of CSS Group and myself; knowing that ‘Righteousness’ being shared by all, amongst us all, will see Kerala recover from this terrible tragedy.

July, 2018


Whilst ‘Where have all the years gone?’ is sometimes used as a throwaway comment, it is frequently used when the passage of time takes on a delightful meaning. As it is exactly eleven years since the ‘Chairman’s Message’ was inaugurated in our Lighthouse magazine, I really do wonder where have all the years gone? I am overwhelmed that my message has proved to be a constructive platform which has resulted in timely comments and constructive suggestions from you – our readers. I am immensely grateful and express my gratitude.
The range of topics we have discussed both from within CSS and outside, interacted with major events which have flowed alongside with our development. The growth of CSS has been attributed to the healthy discussions and debates we have been able to have. The Chairman’s Message has been at the forefront highlighting issues and generating responses.
Any institution that seeks growth must have an attitude to always communicate positively. That doesn’t mean telling others what you want, it means being a good listener first. American educator, author and business man Dr Stephen Covey said; “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply”.
Taking on board the implications of this truism results in a company environment where a positive attitude to communication is encouraged. Putting active listening first, enables realistic forward planning where success becomes characteristically assured. Such interaction engenders friendship, loyalty and support which speeds along the passage of time. So, it really is no wonder that, after eleven years of the ‘Chairman’s Message’, I am happily asking: “Where have all the years gone?”

May, 2018

Chairman’s Message

Andrew Carnegie, the American, industrialist and philanthropist, once said, “Successful teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organisational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
I believe that people who are really motivated to aim for great accomplishments, for their company, will never disagree with the beliefs expressed in this quotation.
If you recall last year, in the May edition of Lighthouse, the message from my desk was about the one decade of completion of our services in India. It is true to say that CSS has been blessed with staff that has held true to Andrew Carnegie’s successful teamwork expectations. This was obvious when CSS India recently conducted their Annual Budget Meeting in Kolkata. Being a proud participant for the meeting and being fortunate to be able to share thoughts with CSS India heads, I can surely say that our company is moving in the right direction in terms of common strategies and goals.
The evidence of growth for any company is reflected in the spirits and attitude of their staff, and not just the figures that an excel chart conveys. We have to remember that challenges and opportunities may change without much notice. An ability to respond effectively is directly related to the attitude of your team. By keeping the sentiments of Andrew Carnegie’s quotation uppermost in our thoughts I am confident we will continue to move forward and achieve rewardingly uncommon results.

March, 2018


The saying, ‘Time and tide waits for no one’ has been in use since at least the 1200s. So when an opportunity arises to pause and reflect, on what has gone before, it is an event that should be grasped enthusiastically. It gives us a chance to recognise our successes and also to learn from our mistakes. Taking time, in this way, is one of the basic requisites for leading a rewarding life. Our world is changing so quickly almost in the ‘blink of an eye’. Gradual beginnings, with the right direction, may soon gain a momentum all of their own. This is similar to our growth within CSS.

Our progress was gradual and organic because we utilised the opportunities that came our way. We were steadfast in applying the principles of building on confidence and trust by recognising the value of our customers and, most importantly, our staff. Making headway was not always easy. It called for determination, dedication and a belief in ourselves which has enabled us to grown in size and strength, so we may stand proudly where we are today.
It was Benjamin Disraeli who said’ “Change is inevitable. Change is Constant”. I firmly believe that if you stand still and tread water, others will very quickly overtake you. So it is with some excitement that I greet the event of CSS introducing two new Chief Operating Officers to our company. I heartily congratulate them and I enthusiastically look forward to this change bringing innovative contributions and progressive interactions with us all.

Whatever has been achieved, so far, has only been possible because of the amazing spirit shown by our staff and the enormous support they have given to our management. May this spirit continue and cascade on to new initiatives as well as permeating throughout all levels of CSS.

As a company the reputation earned by CSS, over the years, was due to the hard work of our staff and the confidence of the management which were equally reciprocated. By building on this ethos we will be assured of growth and success which emulates our past history of amazing achievements.

Never forget, from little acorns big oaks grow and CSS is still destined to grow even bigger.

January, 2018


Being only a short time since the dawn of the New Year prompts thinking about, and analysing, the eventful days we have had during the past year. Having all of you alongside certainly ensured that it was a great journey throughout 2017. The uncertainty of the overall global economy meant we had many ups and downs, throughout the year, but we managed to sail auspiciously ahead. We made some commendable achievements, notably with our expansion of operations in the Middle East and Indian Sub-continent.
I am grateful for the support and cooperation we have had from all our agents, associates and well-wishers. Most importantly I applaud our staff at CSS who have contributed so magnificently throughout the past year. Regardless of the global economic setbacks and its financial instability, we have been successful in riding high across complex situations.
The theme of the recently concluded Strategy Meet ‘Time to Evolve’ highlighted relevant emerging opportunities. Focusing on these will enable us to adapt ourselves to the changing economic and financial environment. This will better equip our strategies, enabling them to penetrate the hard shells of global competition.
Moving forward, into this New Year, I am confident that the course we have been sailing during the past year has set us fair to successfully meet new challenges. Assuredly together, we will see CSS gaining even more commendable achievements in 2018.
Accordingly it gladdens me to be able to wish you all good fortune for 2018 – Happy New Year.

November, 2017


An article, which I read recently, stimulated some creative thoughts. It was all about ‘delegating well to become a great leader’. It prompted me to recall a saying by former US President Ronald Regan, “Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out”. This is an environment, I believe, we have been successful in achieving within CSS. Accordingly it’s an opportune time to discuss this topic, as November invariably proves to be a testing time for our Sales Force Team. As we find ourselves standing, once again, at the threshold of another strategy meet I welcome the opportunity to talk with team leaders. The interaction between leadership and delegation is a challenging issue. Consequently a review, by team leaders of their past year, may produce some interesting highlights for us all to discuss. How has success been measured? What has delegation achieved for your team? How do you accept responsibility for your team’s figures?

In leadership forums, around the globe, the roles of leadership and delegation are widely discussed. In the ever demanding business atmosphere, in which CSS operates, things are no different. Just like others, we need confident and bold leaders in order to seize every opportunity that comes our way. Leadership potential is realised when one is able to build on the collective talents of one’s team. Delegation encourages team responsibility and allows for a more enthusiastic environment because team members may be recognised for their contribution.

Looking back, I happily acknowledge that CSS has seen some great team leaders who have made invaluable contributions. I have no doubt that; as our company continues to focus on growth & development, appropriate delegation will play a key role in raising our company to even more glorious heights.

September, 2017

Chairman’s Message

It is invariably uplifting being able to highlight good news. To have equally superb tidings, from both the Middle East and the Indian Sub-continent, provides me with enormous pleasure. In the Middle East, CSS has commenced its services from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia whilst from India the excellent news is that we have started working from Ludhiana in Punjab. It is hard work and determination which has paved the way for these spectacular beginnings, from two new locations. I join with others in giving full credit to our colleagues and express my personal thanks to them for sharing such great news. Personally, it gives me a real sense of pride to acknowledge the achievements of our company although, at the same time, a feeling of responsibility arises at each and every new turn CSS takes.

I am reminded of a memorable quote from Arthur Ashe Jnr., the three times Grand Slam tennis title winner, “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is more important than the outcome.” I wholeheartedly believe that from day one onwards, at CSS, we have engendered the habit of delivering the best of what we have from within us, enjoying the doing, without restricting or anticipating our expectations. The ‘doing’ really has been more important than the ‘outcome’. This may well be the reason for us continually remaining successful in our endeavours.

Our on-going vision for growth recognises that forward planning, coupled with strategizing our policies, enables us to seize the right opportunity at the right time. We should remain always thankful to all our stakeholders for the unconditional support they bestow on us. It is their trust that spurs us on to deliver what is best for everyone who use the services provided by CSS.

July, 2017

Chairman’s Message

A quote, from nearly two hundred years ago, still lives on. British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli had said, “What we anticipate seldom occurs but what we least expect generally happens”. This relationship between anticipation and expectation is a major factor in market and business trends. It directly and indirectly affects our frame of mind and approach towards what is actually happening around us. I have consistently noticed that those who place too much emphasis on expectations frequently crash very fast, echoing Disraeli’s observation. ‘What we least expect generally happens!’

We may side-step the difficulties of anticipation and expectation by building on our past experience and endeavours. In this context it is worth recalling the words from our visionary leader, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. Whilst three years have quickly passed since we discussed His Highness’s book, ‘Flashes of Thought’, I believe it is an opportune time to review its inspirational outlook. By doing this we may take advantage of the past few months, which have given us all an opportunity to collect ourselves, and think about re-inventing strategies for success. This will aid in overcoming the sluggish trends that are generally prevailing in the market.

An acclaimed approach, encouraged within CSS, is to nurture and encourage successful team work. Having time to reflect on our management and current corporate ideas it is heartening to read in many articles, that we are emulating the best examples. Faced with demanding challenges and slow-moving times, managements need to focus on energising the atmosphere so that their teams enthusiastically work together. I strongly believe that at CSS we continue to be outstanding in achieving a welcoming, interactive and inclusive workplace environment. This stands us in very good stead for developing our future plans.

May, 2017

Chairman’s Message

T S Kaladharan

It is amazing how far away; seemingly unapproachable to some, distant horizons may appear. Yet when they have been reached, the memories of the journey provide emotional rewards which surpass everything.  The ten year course, chartered by Console Shipping Services India, has seen us sailing through the hearts and minds of millions of satisfied clients. Being able to make this statement gives me great pleasure as I recognise the privilege that goes along with this.

I recall the days when CSS India was first conceived, with a small group of colleagues and friends sitting around with me, planning and strategizing about the future of the India operations. At that time, no one was quite sure about the fortunes destiny might have in store for us. However all of us were united in focusing on the distant horizon. We had confidence that we were going to sail through whatever situations unexpectedly came our way.  We had a belief and determination that enabled us to ride any troughs and stay on the crest of the waves. Bearing in mind how we started, it recently seemed appropriate that a few of us should get together for a small celebration in Delhi. Here we were able to share the excitement and joy of this landmark achievement of CSS India. We reminded ourselves that one’s roots should never be forgotten. For CSS the saying that ‘from little acorns – oak trees grow’ holds true for us.

Today my colleagues, in India, have achieved an acclaimed dynamism and steadfast approach aimed at delivering the best. This has created a long lasting impression in the market in which they operate.  Accordingly, this historic juncture reminds us about the broader aspect of responsibility that is expected from each of us.  We must all employ strength and longevity, similar to that of an oak tree, to forge ahead by building on our solid and secure foundations.

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